Sunday, September 30, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This may look like a perfectly normal picture to you, but at our house today, this is a Big Deal. Jasmine has been hiding out under the bed. Here she is out in the open on the big comfy chair in Mom's room (and on my Gizzy Quilt!) Mom spent last evening with her sister and came home late to find Jasmine sleeping in this very spot. Mom petted Jasmine, and guess what? Jasmine's fur was silky and lustrous!

Meaning that being OFF the anti-biotiks makes Jasmine feel a lot better! We surely hope she is getting better.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost a Gizzy... but only a Jasmine

Wowza! Check this out! Jasmine is sleeping kinda close to me.

So. About Jasmine. She's been on anti-biotics for three weeks with no change. She's still peeing and pooping all over the place, making Mom completely crazy. Her bloodwork is OK for a geezer cat. She has a heart murmur and a small kidney stone. She has had her urine and stools checked. She's grouchy. Most of the day she hangs out under Mom's bed, instead of her usual spot in the recliner in the picture box room. She wants to be in Mom's lap all the time.

Sound familiar?

Some of this stuff sounds like how Gizzy was feeling this winter when he was sick. Remember too, that Jasmine is 14-1/2 years old, a cancer survivor, and has a tumor in her eye.

Mom has stopped giving Jasmine the anti-biotics, and cancelled the v-e-t appointment for next week. What are they going to do? More expensive tests? Surgery? Nope. Mom wants Jasmine to be comfortable. If cats are true actors, they hide their weaknesses, and evidence of pain. Jasmine is showing us she isn't happy. This is the cat who was so fastidiously clean, she would cover up Gizzy's stuff in the litterbox along with her own. Now she's peeing and pooping all over the house.

No matter what's going on with Jasmine, she probably won't be with us much longer. Mom wants to spare her pain and misery.

Mom wants a little time to say good-bye.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday

You know you're not feral anymore when your peeps buy you a $2,000 litterbox. Think I am joking? Check THIS out.

How about a Cat Cocoon that is scratchable for $249?

Or this Leo Scratching Post, made from zebrawood, which doesn't even have a price yet (but you know it's gonna be expensive)!

But none of those fancy things would help Jasmine find the litterbox. Mom found poopies on the floor in the dining room and on the entryway rug. Jasmine is now running away when Mom tries to give her the anti-biotiks and fights when Mom does catch her.

I dunno what's going on with Jasmine, but it doesn't look good.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tardy Thursday Thirteen

It's still Thursday, and I am not too late to post a Thursday Thirteen.

13 Things I Am Thinking About Lately

1. Jasmine is still missing the litterbox. What's with that?

2. Mom is not gonna work on Friday, but she will be working on Saturday. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.

3. It was really hot last night - and September is almost over. I thought the weather was supposed to get cooler, not hotter.

4. Mom is reading two books at the same time. Well, not at the exact same time. She is reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets here at home, and a Dick Francis book on her lunch break at work. I know she likes to multitask, but this might be stretching it, as far as I am concerned.

5. The moon was full last night. I could see stars. Sometimes Mom points out Orion the pin-head. I do not understand. The pins are in the sewing room.

6. There is a planter box full of orange flowers Mom calls Nasty-shams on the porch. They are very pretty.

7. Roxy can be a very naughty dog sometimes.

8. Monty Q has been hiding out behind the couch after he said his mom looked like a beached whale. I wonder if he's got a doghouse back there?

9. I thought TV shows were on one night a week. This week Dancing with the Stars was on THREE nights. More than just a bit of overkill, I think.

10. Then again, Marie's namesake did quite well.

11. Mom has been waiting all summer to see if Sara Sidle got out from under that red car. Now she knows, but I won't spill the beans.

12. Mr Karate and Mom went to see 3:10 to Yuma and she said the crow was awesome. Big whoop. A crow is a big black bird. Who cares?

13. Mr Bellycheck's foolishness notwithstanding, we are still big fans of the guys named Pat.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jasmine's 7 Random Things Meme

Hi everybody! Thanks for all the nice thoughts and purrs. I really appreciate it. I'm still taking that yukky anti-biotiks medicine twice a day. I am very tired of it, and I've stopped being nice when Mom drags me out from under the bed to jam it down my throat. I think I must be getting better because the litter box doesn't seem so painful...

Anyway, back to the matter at hand (I mean paw). Here are 7 Random Facts about Me.

  1. I love tuna, and tuna juice. The little pest doesn't, so I don't have to share!
  2. I love milk, and test Mom's every morning.
  3. I love yogurt, vanilla mostly.
  4. I love to lick the salt and cheese from potato chips and Doritos.
  5. I can run and jump every bit as fast as the little pest. Boy, is she surprised when I show her!
  6. I am shy. If you came to visit, you'd never know I lived here.
  7. When I'm in Mom's lap and she's petting me, I often make biscuits.

Monday, September 24, 2007

7 Things about me Meme

I have been tagged by Princess Ashlyn for the 7 things meme. I'm pretty sure I was tagged by somebody else too, but Mom's been busy and I haven't been getting as much computer time as I'd like.
  1. I don't like tuna. Or tuna juice.

  2. I now sleep on my back, with my tummy exposed, even when Mom is nearby.

  3. I love cheek scritches, chin scritches and ear scritches. Mom gives good ones.

  4. I come when Mom calls my name. Every time.

  5. I love Temptations treats of all flavors.

  6. I love beef.

  7. I love crickets. I mean I love chasing them, catching them and ....


Consider yourself tagged if you want to play. I think everybody has already been "It."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Slide Show

OK! Here it is. The COMPLETE collection of Gizzy Quilts. This is ALL of the ones Mom has finished. (The Holiday Gizzy Quilts are not included.) Some of these quilts have not yet flown to their owners, and there are more quilts hatching in the sewing room. The quilts are displayed in the order they were designed, so if you got one just recently, yours is at the end.

And Chase, Kaze & Latte posted pictures of their Gizzy Quilt over at Bizzy for Gizzy. Go check it out!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Jasmine just climbed into my nice new beautiful tent that Mom just made for me and pee'd all over the nice yellow fleece pillow and the tent itself!!!

I am upset, but MOM is really angry!

Mom even bought some nice fabric to make Jasmine a tent of her very own.


Jasmine Update

Mom brought Jasmine back to the v-e-t yesterday. Jasmine's infection isn't completely cleared up, and Mom has to give her anti-biotiks for another week. (Yech!)

Jasmine also lost a tiny bit of weight since the last visit, and Mom doesn't think she's eating all that much. Sometimes Jasmine uses the litterbox for her poops, and sometimes not. Mom's been putting big flat incontinence pads out all over the picture box room floor. Jasmine has been peeing on those. Mom also put one in a special litterbox, and Jasmine used that too. Mom's happier, because now it's easier to clean and doesn't stink up the carpet, but still worried about Jasmine.

The v-e-t said one of Jasmine's (insert medical term here) is still too high, and if the anti-biotiks don't clear that up, the next step could be more x-rays or an ultrasound.

And here's a scary thing. Mim-may came over last week, looked at Jasmine and said, "She looks like Gizzy looked, when he started to feel bad. Her fur doesn't look like it usually does."

She's right. And Jasmine's been grouchier than normal lately. Not that I can blame her.

And Mom says No Ultrasound.


10:00 AM Update... Mom gave Jasmine some stinky goodness and Jasmine ate a lot of it.

Tomorrow Mom and I are gonna have a slide show with ALL the Gizzy Quilts!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friends and their Quilts Friday

Mom and I have been wanting to put this together for some time. We hope you like it!

If your picture isn't here, send me a picture of you and your Gizzy Quilt at: darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com, and I will add it!

And check out Kashim & Othello's Quilt-O-Mania!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Bed

My sweetheart, Monty Q was my Secret Paw earlier this summer, and sent me this wonderful kitty bed made especially for me. I didn't use it. Mom was a little worried. Silly Mom. She should have known it was just because the weather was so warm and I didn't need a warm place to sleep. But now the weather is cooler, and I am using it regularly.

It's nice and cozy, and it's just my size. Mom's got it in the sewing room, where I can curl up in it and still see everything that's going on.

I've been tagged for a meme, and I know this is Thursday, and I should be doing a Thursday 13, but Mom says she just wants to go to bed and sleep.

Finally she learns to think like a cat!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Avast me hearties! An' such a fine day it is to be avasating! Dread Pirate Princess Jassie and me, Deadly Pirate Millie-onnaire are lying in wait for an unsuspecting ship to pass by. Then we will attack and rob its booty.We be lookin' for jools and gold and other fine riches. We be drinkin' Rum and otherwise havin' fun! We're gonna be runnin' about wrecking havoc all over the ocean wide.

Don't we look innocent? HA!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tent Tuesday

My spiffy tent is finished. Mom made this totally awesome pillow and then covered it in yellow fleece. It will be so nice and warm on colder days.

She's gotta find a better spot for it, though, because I like to be able to watch what's coming. I don't like feeling cornered or trapped. I'm not saying I'll never hide in it, because, you all know I said I'd never ask to be petted, and we all know how that turned out.Wait a minute.... Is that a Temptation in there...?

Oh yes, it is. Excuse me...

Go on over to The Devil Dog and check out some more ways that Mom and her sister are alike.

Mom's been working wicked hard lately, (and worrying about Jasmine), and with Mr Flash giving her the Hots, she hasn't been sleeping too good either. So she's kinda zonked. That's why we haven't been visiting as many blogs as we like, and I haven't been able to comment so much. Please accept my apologies.

Monday, September 17, 2007

What flavor Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Are You?

Mom thought we needed a little fun after the post from last night (read on for that...)

I am:
You Are The Godfather Ice Cream

Someone crosses you, and they'll end up with a scoop of this in their bed

And Jasmine is:
You Are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

A classic and an original, no wonder everyone snakes your style!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cat Bloggers, we have a problem....

We need your help.

As you know, Jasmine has a bladder infection, and has not been using the litterbox. She has been peeing on the carpet in the living room. She has been taking antibiotics for over a week. The antibiotics make her poops.... mushy. And she has been leaving them all over the carpet too.

Mom is really upset. When she gets up in the morning, and again when she comes home from day hunting, she looks behind the couch and the chairs in the picture box room for "deposits," watching very carefully where she steps. It's hard. The carpet is brown.

Now Mom's got this stuff she sprays on the carpet to clean it. And she tried to cover the space behind the couch and chairs with newspapers, hoping that Jasmine would do her business on the newspaper. But Jasmine has been delicately avoiding the paper, and using places where there is no paper.

Mom got really really upset today, because as she knelt to pick up a "deposit," she got more all over the leg of her nice pants from a "deposit" she didn't see.

Help! How can we get Jasmine to stop using the carpet as the litterbox (yes, we have three litterboxes, and yes, Mom keeps them very clean), and start using the litterbox for her business?

Will she start using the litterbox on her own after the infection goes away?

Will she use the litterbox after she's finished her antibiotics?

Should we cover the whole carpet with newspapers?

Should we try to keep her out of the picture box room?


Surprising Sunday

Many of you saw this picture of the Nephew on The Devil Dog's blog yesterday. It's Mr Karate's cousin playing the cello at Mim-may's house. No surprise here, he's been taking lessons for a while.
But when Mom walked into Mim-may's house last night and saw this:
and heard the wonderful music Mr Karate was making, it was a surprise, to say the very least. Mr Karate has been taking lessons for five months, and kept it a secret all this time.


Gizzy Quilts are going international again. On Friday Mom shipped out quilts to friends in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. All these cats have blogs, so you should be seeing their quilts some time next week. Mom also sent a quilt to a cat in O-Hi-Oh, and she sent a big box of her leftover fabric to Mom Robyn of Hot(M)BC to be made into those wonderful Nip Raviolis.

Remember the baby quilt Mom made last month? The baby was born this past week, and received the quilt as a present from his Auntie. He is a beautiful baby, and his Mom was very happy about the quilt. So are we!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Mim-may gave Mom these two mugs. The cat on this one looks a little bit like me (but it doesn't have the black spot I have on my chin.)
Lookit this one! Don't you think this could be Monty?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jasmine - How I Got My Name

Jasmine here. I've been exceptionally good letting Mom give me my medicine twice a day. It's nasty stuff, but I am smart enough to know it's good for me. The little pest has started a meme about how cats get their names. I decided to tell my story today.

I came to live here as a kitten. Gizzy was living here, and he was just one year old. Mom wanted to name me Jazzy, which was similar to Gizzy's name, but little Mr Karate didn't like it. The movie Aladdin had come out and they had gone to see it. Little Mr Karate liked the Princess, Jasmine. So he decided I should be called Princess Jasmine. Mom thought it was a pretty name, so she agreed. So my name is really Princess Jasmine, but nobody calls me that. They just call me Jasmine.

I tag:




Thursday, September 13, 2007

How I Got My Name Meme

You all know how I got my name, Millie. Malcolm found me and had a poll. Millie is from the Spanish "mil" meaning thousand, for how many green papers it needed to fix my leg (Actually fixing me up cost over 1,300 green papers!)

You can read about it here, and then follow a link to get the actual poll results. For a while, my name was No Name Yet, or NNY. I like Millie a lot better. Mom voted for "Millie" in the poll.

How did you get your name? I want to hear stories about how cats got their names. So I am starting this meme. I am going to tag three cats. They will have to tell the story of how they got their names, and then tag three other cats. You should announce which cats you are tagging in your blog, and then let them know by commenting in their blogs.

I am tagging:

Daisy Mae Maus
(why name a cat after a mouse?)

Monty Q
(my sweetheart)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Mom likes this stuff for breakfast. She has to put some in a pot of boiling water the night before, then turn off the heat and let it sit. In the morning she has to remember to start cooking it 30 minutes before she wants to eat it. Lotsa work.

So she got one of these. It's a teeny crooked pot. She has a big crooked pot, but it's too big for one serving of oatmeal in the morning. The night before, she puts the water and oatmeal in the pot and turns it on low. In the morning she gets up and the oatmeal is ready to eat.

This works fine every night the first week she has it. Then on Sunday morning, she makes some eggs and toast. Sunday night, she gets everything ready in the little crooked pot. She turns it on before she goes to bed.

In the morning, it looked like this:Can you see what she did? She forgot to plug it in. So she had cold cereal for breakfast. She figures she's not gonna let that happen again. She dumps the stuff out, and puts it in a little container to dump back in that night. She sprays some slippery stuff inside so the oatmeal won't stick to the walls. That night, she makes sure the thing is plugged in. She makes sure she turns it on. She makes sure the thing is hot when she gets up in the middle of the night because Mr Hot is giving her Flashes.

This morning, she gets up to this:

I'm trying really hard not to snicker.

Okay, I'm not trying that hard.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not a Quilt

Sometimes Mom does weird stuff. Like last night. She went into the sewing room after dinner, and starting cutting out great big pieces of fabric. This is not normal. Usually she takes big pieces and cuts them into little pieces.

She sewed some of the pieces together.
She ironed some pieces. But she does not do this when she makes a quilt.
This is not like any quilt she has ever made before.
This is certainly the wrong shape for a quilt.

Nope, no quilt in here either.


Oh. Mom says she's gonna make me a nice pillow out of this yellow fleece and fasten the poles together better.

It's still not a quilt.

I dunno what this is.

(And yes, Parker, this is the same fabric Mom used in your quilt!)

Update at 7:48 AM
OK, so it's a tent. Or a tee-pee. Mom says she isn't going to sell them. She says it's McCall's pattern # M5412 and it takes about 3-1/2 yards of fabric for the tent, 1-1/2 yards for the pillow, fiberfill for the pillow and about $6.00 worth of stuff from the hardware store.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cricket Hunting

A cricket invaded the house today, and Jasmine and I took care of it.

(Mom won't let me show any pictures because she says they are too graphic.)

First, Jasmine cornered it, and broke one of its legs. It tried to hide behind a bookcase, but it mustn't have been a very smart cricket, because it came out again after a few minutes. Then it was MY turn. I chased the cricket all over the dining room. I jumped on it a couple of times. I think I broke another of its legs. It wasn't going anywhere, except in circles. I batted it around a bit, then I bit it. It was crunchy. It stopped. I ate the rest of it.

I like hunting.

And this is my 501st post! Wowza!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Easy Like Sunday

It's quiet around here today. It rained this morning. Mom said we need lots more rain. Mom's been doing the dishes and laundry. She calls it housework. I'd say the house is the boss. I don't see the house working.

She's been giving Jasmine anti-bitiotiks and Jasmine doesn't like it. I watch, and I sure wouldn't like it either if somebody jammed that thing in my mouth, squirted the icky stuff in and wouldn't let me go until I swallowed it. I may not be a big fan of Jasmine, but the old girl's got spunk, I gotta say...

Later, Mom's gonna watch the guys named Pat play the Jets. And after that the big Tennis men's final with Fed and a kid named Joke-a-vik. Mom's rooting for the kid.

Hey, if you got a Holiday Gizzy, could you email me the number of the quilt you got? Thanks.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nip Ravioli

Everybody who writes Mom about the Holiday Gizzys mentions how much their cats love the Nip Ravioli that came packed with the quilt.

Mom Robyn from Hot(M)BC made them with the leftover pieces of the quilts. Yep, Mom packaged her leftover bits and sent them down to Virginger after Mom Robyn asked for them, offering to make little nip sachets filled with her super duper catnip to go with the quilts. Then Robyn made 20 Nip Raviolis and sent them back to New Hampster so Mom could include one with each Holiday Gizzy Quilt.

Robyn was thoughtful enough to include some nip for me. Mom made a Nip Ravioli for me out of some nice Red fabric she had. As you can see, I think mine is pretty wonderful.

Thanks Mom Robyn!

If you got a Holiday Gizzy Quilt, go on over to Hot(M)BC and say thanks to Robyn!

And go visit Lisa here and you can watch a video of her cats and their quilts and their Nip Ravioli!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fantastic Flying Quilt Friday

I dunno how Mom does it, but she tells me that most of the fabulous, fantastic, flying Holiday Gizzy quilts have landed.

She says several have landed in Catifornia and Illinoisy. There have been Holiday Gizzy Quilt landings in Floridacat, Cat-hio, Oregonicat, Washingticat, Meowsouri, Whiskeronsin, Nevadacat, and New Yorkat.

A fabulous fantastic, amazing technicolor flying Babybean Raffle Quilt is expected to land in Alabamacat at any time.

Lisa ordered a Holiday Gizzy, so Mom sent both quilts together. They arrived earlier today and Lisa and her cats love them. You can check out pictures and videos here!

I'd say that's a Fantastic Friday!

Jasmine Update

Jasmine's bloodwork looks pretty good, all her organs are OK. Her kidneys are fine. The v-e-t says she has a urinary infection and Mom will be going to get some anty-biotiks for her in a little while. The v-e-t also wants some of Jasmine's poop. I guess they wanna do another test. Lucky Mom! (tee hee!)


In other news, we are receiving reports of Holiday Gizzy Quilts landing at their new homes. You can see pictures over at Daisy Mae Maus' place. Everybody says how much they love the "Nip Raviolis" that Mom Robyn from Hot(M)BC made. Mom and I will add links to other blogs as pictures go up. It looks like this was so successful, Mom is thinking about doing it next year too. Of course, we'll have to include the Nip Raviolis.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jasmine and the V-e-t

Mom Lynne here. Jasmine went to the vet this morning, as you all know.

She's 14-1/2 years old, is a cancer survivor and has a tumor on her left eye. It hasn't got any worse over the last year, so that's good.

She's lost 1/2 pound in the last year. In fact, right now she weighs less than Millie! The vet didn't find anything obvious except for a heart murmur, which isn't uncommon for an older cat.

They took an x-ray, and blood and urine samples. From the x-ray we learned her heart is o-kay, which I take to mean not the greatest, but that could be due to her age. She also has a small kidney stone, but the vet said that is nothing to worry about. He said there was stuff in her stomach, urine in her bladder and her colon was not empty (how, oh how does one phrase that delicately?), so it shows that "things are moving well from one end to the other."

We'll know more when the results of the bloodwork come in tomorrow. Stay tuned.

This and That Thursday

This is the quilt Mom made for Lisa, who won the Babybean Quilt Raffle. Lisa likes all colors, and her favorites are blue and green. Isn't this quilt pretty? It is so much prettier in real life than it is in this picture. Lisa should get her quilt today.


Jasmine is going to the v-e-t today. She has a pee problem. She has been peeing and pooping outside the litterbox. Mom thinks Jasmine has lost some weight, too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More on the Boo-Boo

A customer changed her mind about the Holiday Gizzy Quilts she ordered on Monday. Mom has sold one, and there is another available. Please email me at darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com if you are interested.

Mom turns a funny shade of red and her face crinkles up when I ask about it, so I'm not going there.

Wicked Wednesday!

I have had a TERRIBLE morning! Not only did Mom sleep late (because she stayed up until almost 2 AM watching the Tennis ) but once she did get up she gave me about half my usual crunchies.

Then she put some stinky goodness in a little bowl and put it in that box I told you about. The one where she's been putting my treats lately. I told you about it last month. You can go HERE to read about it.

Well, I don't get stinky goodness very often, so I had to check it out. She put it a-l-l the way in the back, but I am a smart kitty and I made sure to keep by back legs out of the box in case she was up to something tricky.

Which it turned out she was. She tried to push my butt into the box. But I was too smart for her. Ha ha ha! No matter WHAT she put in that box (and she put treats and even some primo 'Nip), I didn't even stick my head inside.

Unfortunately, she's tricker than I thought. She moved the box, and cornered me in another room, and I ended up in the box. I was Not Happy.

Then she picked up the box, with me yowling in protest, and carried it outside and put it in the metal machine. We went for a short ride, and I bet you all know where I ended up.

It was the V-e-t. I got out of the box, and was immediately wrapped up like a burrito! Some guy poked my ears, squeezed my tummy and looked at my # 13! He felt my leg, you know, the one with the titanium rod inside that makes me a Bionic Kitty, and then stabbed me!

Next he and a helper trimmed my beautiful claws!

I was good. I didn't yowl, or scream, or fight. Mom said I was being a very good girl and that even though she knew I wasn't happy, this was good for me. The v-e-t didn't carry me by the scruff of my neck, didn't treat me roughly, and spoke very kindly to me. So I put up with it.

I got weighed. I weigh 12.2 pounds. The v-e-t didn't use the "F" word, but he did say the word "chubby" and that I should be 11 pounds.

Finally I was allowed to go back in the box, and we left.

You bet I jumped outta the box real quick when we got home. Mom says I don't have to go back until after Christymas. That's what she thinks.

Flying Quilts and a Boo Boo

Holiday Gizzy Quilts are now airborne, flying their way across the US to their new homes. Here is what the man in the bloo shorts saw:

Through a series of errors and misunderstandings, there is another Holiday Gizzy Quilt available. It is up for grabs. If you want it, email me at darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com right away.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In Remembrance...

It's been a few very busy hectic days around here with the Babybean Raffle and the Holiday Gizzy Quilt sale.

We thought the Remembrance deserved its own day. So, a little late, here is our "moment of silence" for our friends who have recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Holiday Gizzy Quilts Sold Out!

Hi everyone,

The 2007 Limited Edition Holiday Gizzy Quilts have sold out.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Holiday Gizzy Quilts Are On Sale Now!

Follow this link: Holiday Gizzy Quilt Page to buy a Holiday Gizzy Quilt.
There are 2 Holiday Gizzy Quilts left!

thank you!

Today is THE DAY!

Today is The Day the Holiday Gizzy Quilts go on sale and Mom is ready.

Shes' nervous.

She's got the Holiday Gizzy Quilt web page with the "Add to Cart" button ready to go.
She's got the Blog post that says "On Sale Now" ready to go.
She's got the Holiday Gizzy Quilt web page that says "Sold Out for 2007" ready to go, and she hopes she'll use it.
She's got the Blog post that says "Sold Out for 2007" ready to go.

She's nervous.

She's got the Holiday Gizzy Quilts all packed up and ready to go. Every quilt has a little card in it, identifying which Holiday Gizzy Quilt it is.
She's got the little Holiday Gizzy Quilt 'Nip "Raviolis" ready to go. Mom Robyn from Hot(M)BC made them with the leftover pieces. Oh, they've got Primo Nip in them, too! (see them in the picture with me, above) Go Mom Robyn!

She's nervous. (Not Mom Robyn, my Mom)

She's got Priority Mail boxes.
She's got Priority Mail Tyvek bags.
She's got Packing Tape
She's got the alarm set.

She's nervous.

She wants to go for a walk this morning, so she will go real soon, so she'll be home "in time."
She wants to go to the fabric store with Mrs Mr Big, but she has to wait until "after."
She wants to watch the US Open Tennis, but that will also have to wait until "after."

Did I tell you she's nervous?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Holiday Gizzy Quilt Sale Information

Hi everybody! At noon Sunday, according to the countdown clock on the blog, the Holiday Gizzy Quilts will be available for sale. You will be able to follow this link: Holiday Gizzy Quilts and add either one or two quilts to your cart to purchase.

Here are a few things Mom thought you all might want to know before "Q-time."

1. The ONLY place to order a Holiday Gizzy Quilts will be at the page above. An "Add to Cart" button will be added at noon tomorrow.

2. If there is no Add to Cart button, click the refresh button on your browser.

3. Mom does not have the programming skills to prevent folks from adding more than 2 quilts to the cart, so here's the deal: any order that comes in for more than 2 quilts will be rejected immediately.

4. Since Mom can't set up the cart to automatically count down from 20, Mom plans to be sitting at the computer watching, and plans to take the Holiday Quilt page down as soon as the quilts have sold out. There is the chance that some folks will place orders for quilts after the 20 quilts have been sold. Mom will immediately refund these orders.

5. Mom will confirm all Holiday Gizzy Quilt orders.

6. If you order a quilt and you are outside the US, Mom will contact you about the additional shipping charges.

7. The quilts will be shipped out to lucky buyers in the US on Tuesday September 4 via USPS Priority Mail. All buyers will get email confirmations.

8. Mom will be the final arbiter of all conflicts.

thanks!The quilts are all packed up and ready to go.

Mom's a little nervous.