Monday, August 05, 2019

My 13th Gotcha-versary!

Thirteen years ago today, Mom's life changed. She didn't KNOW her life had changed. She just thought she was adopting a cat, but if she HADN'T adopted me, nobody would know about her. I got her to blogging, and later, making quilts, and then blogging about quilts.

Mom thinks living with a tame feral cat is interesting. I won't come when she calls me, and she never knows where she will find me. There are all kinds of places in the house where I can nap, and while I have my favorites, there are some I use maybe once in two or three years. Rarely do I nap in such an obvious place as the couch (and the only reason I was there was because Mom was sitting next to me.)

So where am I now? Let's see. You are all accustomed to seeing the couch as in the top photo, but there is a table with a lamp in the corner that you rarely ever see.

The table isn't as deep as the couch, so it sits forward from the wall.

 See me?

Mom stuck a basket back there when we moved in, almost five years ago, partly because she didn't know where else to put it.

Clearly I have found the right spot. And I don't mean the basket in the corner.