Tuesday, April 06, 2021



um, Mom, I was napping.

Oh! Well. I am fifteen. WHO would have thought I would live such a life when I got hit by a car and almost went to the bridge when I was just a few weeks old. I really got lucky. I won the proverbial jackpot. I got Mom, a good home and a great job.

I still work. I still perform the QA work on Mom's quilts, making sure they are soft and full of love and hugs. It's still my job to cover them with my furs and my special Millie scent, to make sure the love Mom puts into them stays there, no matter how far they travel to their homes (right Megan?)

I snoopervise when Mom "werks." It's pretty boring though, so I take little catnaps. I still catch the mice that try to sneak in the house. I still check out the neighborhood every day when Mom lets me out on the porch. I still make sure to get my treats at the right time each night. I make sure to get my scritches on the regular too.

And believe it or not, I get on Mom's lap. Yeah, I know it took a long time to train her to sit just right so I would feel comfortable there, but I finally got it to work. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes things just.. well. You know.

So yeah, I'm Fifteen! I'm still perfect in every way. And I still love Mom. I mean, I've always loved Mom, but now that I am an Older Kitty, I just don't care what other kits and kats might think. I'm good.