Sunday, November 04, 2018

A Millie and the Mouse Story

It's been kinda quiet here at chez Millie during the day. Most of October was grey and rainy. Today it's sunny, so I've decided to nap in my kitty condo in the studio.

 Mom wanted me pose, but seriously?

I have a great story to tell you, but there aren't any pictures. Remember I said Mom hired some "pest" guys to keep the mice out of the house? Well it kinda works, but some still manage to get inside under the kitchen sink. Mom set up a trap and we have caught a couple, but the other night Mom was watching TV and I was napping nearby when we heard the trap go off.

Now I am no dummy. (I mean, I'm a CAT!) I went running to the cabinet, and got the door open. There was lots of rattling, and it turned out the mouse had got a foot caught. I pulled it out, trap and all and ran into the other room. Mom followed. I put the mouse down, and he got away. I merely went over and picked him up again. Mom got a little bit worked up. I tried to tell her everything was OK, but the mouse got loose and ran behind the desk.

Mom got really pissed and she yelled at me! Can you imagine? She told me it was bad enough she could hear some mice under the kitchen sink, but now she had one running loose in the house and she was ANGRY! She went on and on and I just let it go in one ear and out the other because, Hell-Oh! I'm a CAT!

She went to bed, but not before reminding me to Do Your Job! (Dunno where she got THAT from.)


The next morning she got up and got my food dish and refilled it, and as she walked toward the Office where my food tray lives, she looked over and saw the little mouse I had deaded overnight.

I have to give it to her. She looked right at me and apologized!


She said she was sorry for yelling at me and she would never doubt me again.

I just looked at her.

However, I have been a good share of treats every day.