Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jasmine, Darling

Here SHE is, taking up MY spot, and being as CHARMING as she can!

I gotta say, she does a nice job of it. Maybe I can learn something from the old girl.


This coming week, Mom will be working only on trans-oceanic flying quilts. (How's that for a Wordwealth word?) Some quilts will be flying over the Atlantic, and some will be flying over the Pacific Ocean. Some of them will even be crossing the Equator.

I think that is so cool.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Frisky Friday -or- In The Doghouse

Mom says I'm in the doghouse, but I don't see any doghouse, and there sure isn't any dog around here.

It all started after dinner when I was in a hissing match with Jasmine. I was winning, but Jasmine took it personally and came after me, swatting my tail and butt. I wasn't about to let her get away with it, so I gave it right back. Feeling frisky, I asked Gizzy if he wanted to play. He wasn't particularly interested, but I knew that if I started, he'd go along.

So we started roughhousing, but Mom saw us. She claims I was on Gizzy's back, trying to bite his ears. I don't know what she's talking about, I wouldn't do that to Gizzy.

Anyway, she went away, and Gizzy and I continued having fun. Next thing I know I was getting wet. I don't know where the inside rain came from, but it got right in my face. I must have lost consciousness, because I totally lost my memory of what was going on. I ran into the sewing room, but she was right behind me.

She closed the door, and LOCKED ME IN with her! She worked on a red quilt, and then a purple one. She never looked at me or even talked to me. I recovered my memory by hiding under the bureau. (It's getting to be tougher to crawl under there now though.)

After a terribly long time (I think it was after CSI ended) she left, but kept me stuck in the room. When she came back, I slipped out of the room. When I went back to see what was going on, JASMINE was in the sewing room, resting on one of the quilts on the worktable. Mom was petting her.

Jasmine was smirking.


well... I think I found the doghouse.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tagged on Thursday

I got tagged by Junior.

Five reasons why I blog:

1. So all the wonderful cats and beans who helped Malcolm help me can know how I'm doing. (I'm doing very well!)

2. I like telling stories. I am a closet cat writer.

3. I love all the friends I have made in the cat blogosphere. So many! I have friends all over the world! I like having friends.

4. I have cats who understand when I worry about Gizzy, complain about Jasmine and just can't understand why people do some of the things they do.

5. It's a lot of fun!

I will tag: Bubbles, Daisy, Fat Eric, Jeter Harris and Grr.

I am glad I got tagged. I couldn't think of 13 things that didn't have anything to do with kitty quilts. Honestly! I have been working so hard!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

(Yes, that pillow looks like a conked out mouse. Mom got it at Eye-Key-Ah when she was in Texcats earlier this year. Oops... I'm supposed to be wordless. Guess I'm no good at that.)

Kitty Limericks

Karen Jo writes Kitty Limericks. She did one on me, Millie, and one for Jasmine. Jasmine and I both think ours are perfect. Except I don't like Jasmine's. Go check them out and see if you can agree with me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuxie Toesday

I was napping. What else is there to say?

Monday, March 26, 2007

How to Make a Kitty Quilt - Step 7

You've got your pieces, now you have some fun. Start putting them together. For a kitty quilt, you need 4 rows of 4. So you start laying them out and moving them around until you like the way it looks.
It could look like this:
or this:

Mom says you want to avoid making "blobs" or areas that are too dark, or too much one color. You'll know. After that, you make your own rules. Mom likes to move your eye around, and connect the colors or patterns somehow. She doesn't like to have too many light areas near the edges, she says it looks like the quilt has a hole in it. But there aren't any rules. You decide. The same 16 pieces could make several different quilts, all good looking. It's up to you.

Mom is gonna launch two boxes of kitty quilts tomorrow. One box of flying quilts is going to Whiskeronsin. Another is going to Connecticat, but that's so close to New Hampster, I bet those quilts are gonna ride in a big truck.

And to Karen Jo, who wondered....
YES! I am VERY GOOD at scrambling up the pieces Mom has set out on the floor. She takes pictures of them, though, so she can put them together the way she wants. But even then she sometimes goofs. Heh.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Everybody helps out

It's a Bizzy for Gizzy Sunday here in New Hampster (again). Mom still has more kitty quilts to make than we have feets and hands put together. I can't count that high. Here's me helping Mom get the fleece ready to cut up for the quilts. The fleece goes in the middle of the kitty quilts and makes them soft.
Jasmine helps out too, by keeping the slippery fleece on the table. (She does that by sitting on it. She's so fat the fleece can't move. Heh.) The big square you see is what Mom calls a tem-plate. It is the size of a kitty quilt. She draws around it on the fleece so she knows where to cut.

Gizzy checks out all the kitty quilts. Here he is sitting on a red one. Doesn't it look nice with his Tuxie furs?
All this helping makes me very thirsty. Mom has water bowls all over the house for us, but I like drinking from this one near the ironing board.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Mom went out day hunting this morning, then came back and worked on some kitty quilts. Then she went for some serious hunting and came back with FOOD! She gave us some Beef stinky goodness, and then her vibrating noisemaker went off. She talked into it for a minute or two, then started emptying all the bags very quickly. Then she went in her room and changed her clothes. Then she fixed her head fur, I mean hair, and she used the mouth hummer.

Next thing Mr Karate was here and then they went out together.

They went on a Date. Mr Karate took her out to eat. They had martinis, then dinner. Then they went to the Mall and she bought him a birthday present. (My birthday is April 5 and his is April 23. She should buy ME a present first...) Then they came back, and she gave me fresh crunchies and they watched The Illusionist.

I guess it was a good day for everybody.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bizzy for Gizzy Flying Quilt Blog!

I did it!

I got Mom to make a blog for the kitty quilts. It's called Bizzy for Gizzy and it's for cats to post pictures and tell stories about their kitty quilts. Tucker can tell the story about how his quilt landed in a pile of... well, maybe he should tell you... Anyway, here is the place to go!

Mom will be sending cats who have quilts the information on how to post real soon!

Kat's Cat of the Day!

Con-cat-ulations on Kat's Cat of the Day One Year Blog-aversary!
We admire Kat's efforts and persistence to accomplish this terrific feat!
Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!

Millie: Who's Ray?
Gizzy: Shh!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Me me me me me me!

With all this food around for Gizzy, Mom think's I'm gaining a little weight. So she's cutting back my stinky goodness AND my crunchies and she's limiting the treat distribution. That sucks big time, I gotta tell ya. I can still run faster and jump higher than any cat here. Well, that's not that big a deal because both Gizzy and Jasmine are geezer cats.

There are birdies outside! I have been watching them. And some have a little house hanging right from our side porch! And I can watch them fly in and out. It is neat.

You can see lately that I have been displaying my tummy. I am feeling quite comfortable about it. Mom actually touched it once. I batted her hand. I didn't even stick out my claws.

After Mom brought Gizzy inside yesterday, she asked me if I wanted to go out. She dangled his harness, like that would induce me. Yeah right! Not in this lifetime!

I have been snoopervising all the kitty quilts. It is a lot of work.

I am so glad I'm a cat.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gizzy goes Out again

Mom took Gizzy outside this afternoon. He walked all over the snow, and sniffed all kinds of stuff. He keeps trying to eat the dead grass. Mom won't let him, because he'll just blow chunks later. He stayed in the yard. Mom tried to lead him out toward the front of the house and the street, and he wasn't having any of it. She even tried to pick him up to carry him so he could look at new things, but he didn't want to go.

When he got inside, he got some stinky goodness, then drank some water. Then Mom gave him a sponge bath (which she did with a wet washcloth). He didn't like it much, and growled at her. She'll brush him later.

We like the idea of a kitty blog for kitties to show off their quilts. Mom's gonna set it up later. Then she'll email all the kitties who have their quilts already and give them the login name and password so they can post pictures of their quilts and tell their stories. Thanks, Junior, for the idea. When we send new quilts out, we will add the information to the package. Party... parcel... partip... parsnip.... participation (phew!) will be voluntary, of course.

Oh yeah, somebody said they had some fabric and could send it to Mom, but she can't remember who. Sure, we'd love it! Post a comment, and I'll make sure Mom sees it. Thanks!

Gizzy Update

Gizzy is doing well. He's eating more. Since the v-e-t said he can have anything he wants, he gets anything he wants. Here he is eating the leftover bits from some of Mom's baked haddock. He ate a lot before she thought to take a picture. He also had chicken last night.Every morning before Mom gets in the rainbox, she brings Gizzy and a can of stinky goodness (yes, we have checked all the numbers on all the cans...) in there with her, and closes the door to keep me out. Gizzy gets to have as much stinky goodness as he wants, without me around to gobble it all up (and I would, too!) Then he drinks from the faucet.

When she gets ready for bed at night, she brings him into her room, and does the same thing again. I do get to have the leftovers. She hasn't brought him outside in a couple of days, but mostly because she got home from day hunting too late and -she- was hungry. He'll go out later today.

But the best news is that he isn't losing any more weight. Mom thinks he's gained a little. He also seems to be grooming himself a little. I said "a little" because although this picture of him on Mom's bed makes him look really scruffy, he doesn't look that bad.
But I think he's gonna get another sponge bath really soon!

(Cat bloggers, what do you suggest Mom do to help Gizzy keep clean? Or how should she clean him up?)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Everybody from anyplace warm says to Mom, "Oh now, you keep warm, it's winter. You have snow... brr," like snow is some kind of disease. Mom likes the snow. She likes the winter. I think Gizzy likes the winter too, that's why he wants to go out in it.

Gizzy says when it's cold outside the air has a kind of a snap to it. He says it smells good. It smells fresh. He says on a bright blue day it's wonderful.

When it snows, if the wind isn't blowing, it's quiet. He says People can talk to each other a few houses away without shouting. He likes to watch it snow at night, because it's really pretty under the streetlights. It lands on the wires, and the tops of fences, and makes the car machines look funny. It outlines the trees.

The next day, after the snowstorm, the sky is usually bright blue and everything seems brighter because the light bounces off the white snow and makes everything really pretty. It never lasts long; the wind blows the snow off things, and they start looking normal again. The snowplows scrape the snow off the roads and dump it on the sidewalks for people to shovel away, and the snow gets dirty.

Sometimes the snowflakes are tiny and light as feathers. This kind of snow blows around easy and makes snowdrifts that look like modern sculpture. Sometimes the snowflakes are big and puffy. This is wet snow. It's heavy. It clings to things. It makes great snowballs.

Gizzy says that the weirdest thing about snow is when it crunches. It gets cold, and dry, and it gets packed down, usually from the wind. You can hear it crunch when people walk on it, and sometimes the car machines make the same crunching sound.

It's funny to watch people on the picture box in the pretend snow. It lands on their clothes and doesn't melt. They don't breathe puffs of cold air. Their cheeks don't get rosy. Their glasses don't fog up. Snow is COLD! Snow is FREEZING! Snow is COOL!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amazing Technicolor Flying Quilts

We are happy these cats look so nice with their quilts. (You can click the pictures to biggify)

This is Shadow from Chicago. Or is it Giselle?

This is Bill

This is Buttons

This is Bob

This is Bonnie

Bill, Buttons, Bob, and Bonnie are Zorro's Crew. Zorro is their woofie.

You can click the pictures to biggify. Remember, if you want your own kitty quilt, send me an email at DarlingMillie AT gmail DOT com!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

While Mom sewed, Gizzy and I napped.

What a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Sewing Sunday

Boy, oh boy! Mom worked hard finishing up a bunch of quilts. She's gonna launch the flying quilts on Monday. They are all going to different cats in Catifornia.

The pink one is for a cat that likes Pink.

This black and white and red one is for a black cat.

This one is for a cat named Jade. I think.

And oh, my goodness, you should SEE the fabric Mom has bought. There is more fabric with dragons. There is fabric with leaves. Fabric with flowers. Fabric with wiggly stripes. Fabric with green tomatoes (???). Fabric with birds, fabric with swirls. There is blue, there is pink, there is purple, there is green, there is red. There is something called teal, and there is something that has EVERYCOLOR in it.

She's so bizzy for Gizzy, I'm dizzy.

If you want a Bizzy for Gizzy Flying Technicolor Quilt, email me at darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


We got a lot of snow. Almost 10 inches. This is what it looked like early this morning. After lunch, mom went food hunting. After she brought the bags inside, she went back to out to take a picture of the snow. When she opened the door to come back in, guess who escaped?

Gizzy, of course. Fortunately, there isn't any place else to go but the yard, so he went back there. Mom let him investigate for a minute, then scooped him up and brought him back inside for his harness. They went out again, but didn't stay very long. The noise of this enormous metal snow-mashing monster scared Gizzy so much that he ran back to the house.

Mom will bring Gizzy out again later when it is quieter.

Now she's in the sewing room, working on kitty quilts. She bought some more black thread. (giggle)

Mischievous Millie

Mom came home before the snow piled up. Which turned out to be a good thing because the roads got really slippery and lots of the big metal monsters banged into each other.

She worked in the sewing room finishing up some kitty quilts. She needed some black thread. But there wasn't any. She DID have some. But she can't find it.

You don't think I had anything to do with that, do you?

Friday, March 16, 2007

this, that and the other...

Mom got home late from day hunting last night. She went out with Mr Karate for sushi. I'm profoundly jealous. I'd love some nice fresh raw tuna, yellowfin tuna, salmon, crab and shrimp. Of course, they could keep the rice, onion, avocado, mango, hot sauce, and all that other stuff. Anyway, she got home after dark, so Gizzy didn't get to out for a walk, and it's supposed to snow today.

Her computer is all wonky. It's old, and slow, and she's known for a while that she needs a new one but you know how it is. Now it works, but the stuff she really wants won't work. Her email won't work. She can't get at her favorites when she surfs. None of these would be a problem, but she says Annie Virus might not be working and that makes it a Big Deal. So she's been sticking this stick in the back of it, and then putting the stick in the laptop. Then she takes the stick out of the laptop and puts a shiny circle in a different slot and then takes that out and writes all over it. How this fixes the other computer I will never know.

Anyway, she's all pissed off about doing it.

She knows how to build a computer from scratch. She can put all the pieces together. She can install the operating system, the drivers, and all the programs. For her, it's a piece of cake. So why is she so aggravated about having to do it?

oooOOOOH! Gizzy told me why. It's 'coz that's what she does all day where she does her day hunting. So once again I am very confused. During the day she hunts broken computers?

I am so glad I'm a cat.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gizzy's Excellent Adventure

Mom went to Petco after her day hunting yesterday. She bought Gizzy a red harness and a leash. When she got home, she put it on Gizzy right away and brought him outside. It was a very unusually warm day here yesterday - it was close to 70F/21C. They were outside for about a gazillion minutes, but she said it was only 20.
When they came in, she gave Gizzy some kind of chicken stinky goodness with gravy. He dove right in and ate a quarter of the 3 oz can.
Then he took a little break and washed his face.

Then he went back for seconds. I had some too. Mom tries to keep me away from his food so he can eat it. Tonight when I tried the stuff in his bowl, he pushed me away.
Finally, after he had eaten about one-third of the stuff in the can, and licked up all the juices, he went to his comfy chair and washed a bit again. He's still kinda dirty, but we figure he just had a banquet and he's stuffed. Maybe he'll finish his bath later. He had a nap, then went back for thirds. Before Mom went to bed, he went back for fourths. By that time Jasmine and I had finished the rest, and Mom put out some more.

The spot on his face was from some of that funny sticky food stuff in a tube. Mom had it on her finger, and Gizzy was sniffing it, but I gave him a headbutt and the stuff got all over his cheeks. Oops.

Mom says Thank you to all who took the time to comment yesterday, or email us with opinions, suggestions, advice and support. It really means a great deal. You guys are Wonderful.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tucker & His Amazing Technicolor Flying Quilt

Tucker sent us a picture of him and his quilt. He named the it the Amazing Technicolor Flying Quilt. Isn't he handsome? Tucker doesn't have a blog of his own, so we agreed to post this picture for him.

Mom says she'll still make the kitty quilts. She loves doing them, and the extra income is nice too. If you are interested you can email me at: darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com. Mom says she has to put a button on the sidebar, you know, like someday. Annie, if you want a people sized quilt... you gotta send us an email.
You can click the picture to biggify.

The Lay of the Land - Wednesday version

Good morning all Cats and Beans in the Blogosphere. Mom Lynne here.

Thank you ALL for ALL your thoughts. For those of you who haven't commented on yesterday's blog, please do. Do not think you have to agree with me. I really need to hear the pros and cons.

Last night I was terribly conflicted. Here's the story so far:

Thursday- Gizzy looks lousy, not eating. I call the vet and set up an appointment for Saturday (Friday I was fighting Apache, remember).

Saturday - 8 AM - Gizzy gets subcutaneous fluids. I expect him to perk up. He doesn't. Desconsolate, I visited the Animal Shelter's website and found Zorro.

Sunday - Gizzy still not eating. All he wants to do is sit near me. When he does, he purrs nonstop.

Monday - Gizzy not eating. I call the vet about helping him to the Bridge, I call my sister for support. 6 PM I get home from work - he's sitting in the window waiting for me, as he's done for 15 years. He wants to go Out. We go Out. He perks right up. Color me surprised. Back inside he doesn't eat much. Color me confused.

Tuesday - Gizzy still not eating. After work, I go visit Zorro. He's older and considerably bigger than I had expected. Great cat, but I have serious reservations. My mom says he'll be fine. I get home, (Gizzy is waiting at the window) and set out some Beef and Gravy stinky goodness for Gizzy. He eats more than he has in the last several days, then goes back for more a bit later. Maybe he ate 1/4 of a 3 oz can, but that's more than he's been eating lately. Note to self - get more Beef with Gravy.

Wednesday, today. Gizzy has slept near me all night (again, as he has for years). I feed the cats, then take a shower. When I get out, Gizzy is sitting on the bathroom counter, drinking from the faucet ("tap" for Fat Eric & English Daisy). This used to be "normal" for him, but he hasn't done it in a week, so drinking today is a "big deal."

Here's where I am right now... As long as Gizzy waits for me each night, fights off Millie when he doesn't want her attention, waits for me to get out of the shower and continues to do all the things he normally does... he isn't going anywhere. When he needs to go to the Bridge, I am sure he will let me know. If he needs sub-q fluids more frequently, I'm willing to do it.

And Zorro, cute cat that he is, is going to have to find another home. I can't handle the stress, and I'm not really up for four cats. When I got Millie, I was expecting to lose Jasmine, and I would have had only two cats. Two was what I expected.


Now, a word about the kitty quilts. When I first proposed the idea, money was very tight after some unexpected expenses, and I simply didn't have the cash available to bring Gizzy to the vet for a visit and bloodwork. I had hoped to raise enough to cover that cost. I never intended to pursue extraordinary means to keep Gizzy alive at his advanced age of 15.* I have received orders for kitty quilts beyond my wildest expectations. After the first week, when asked about quilts, I told folks that I had raised sufficient funds to cover Gizzy's expenses and gave the option to refuse. I've had to raise the price because I went right through my fabric stash (and a good portion of my sister's) and had to buy materials. I love making the quilts. Sewing is one of my favorite things, and it's a great stress relief.

*Anesthesia is really iffy for older cats, so any kind of surgery is absolutely out of the question. His bloodwork came back normal, and the last option is expensive ultrasound. That seems pointless to me because surgery is not an option. For what it's worth, the vet agrees with me. The goal is to keep him happy and keep him comfortable.

I have my marching orders.

Thanks. For everything.
Mom Lynne

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Zorro

Okay everybody, Mom says you all know everything else that's going on, you're sure to give your opinions on this too, and this time she really wants to hear them.

Meet Zorro.

He's probably a little over a year old, and was found abandoned in an apartment complex in town. He's been neutered. He's bigger than me, Mom thinks he's close to 10 pounds. He's friendly as all get out; a regular purring machine. He likes people and loves laps.

Would he like me? Would I like him? We all know Jasmine wouldn't like him, but we figure she can hold her own. Would bringing him into our family completely stress Gizzy out? The volunteer at the animal shelter thinks he'd be Alpha Cat quick as a wink.

Mom's Mom thinks Zorro would be good for me. We'd play together and leave Jasmine alone. When Mom read about Zorro in the internet, he was listed as a "medium" size. Well, she figured a big cat was about 15 pounds, like Gizzy used to be. So she thought he'd be my size. You know, tiny, svelte and 8 pounds. Well, at the shelter were all kinds of lovely looking big cats that had to be 20 pounds. So Zorro is medium sized. He's just bigger than she thought he'd be. And older. Mom envisions the two of us tearing the house apart. When she got me, she didn't think she'd have three cats, now we might have four...

Mom's approved to adopt Zorro. But she's very confused. Yesterday morning, it looked like Gizzy was trying to go to the Bridge. He just wanted to go outside. Today he ate more than yesterday. Now she's really confused. And she's stressing out about it big time.

Here's your chance. Good idea? Bad idea? Why?


Monday, March 12, 2007

Gizzy Keeps Us Guessing

We love our Gizzy. He is a cool cat. When he isn't sick, he's very curious, and he wants to know everything about everything. He used to sit on the kitchen counter (on a special blankie) and watch while Mom made dinner. He had to sniff everything (even the onions) to know what it was. If you were petting him and he wanted you to pet him someplace else, he would gently pick up your hand (with his mouth) and move it to where he wanted to be petted.

Even though Gizzy has been sick, and not eating, he waits on the back of the recliner for Mom to come back from day hunting. He sits at the window and watches for the machine she drives. Then he watches her gather her things and waits for her to walk toward the door. He waits for her every day. He tries to get out into the hallway. He is really curious about the Outside. So today, when Mom got home, she dumped her bags on the floor, picked up Gizzy and brought him Outside.

He wanted to get down. He tried to wriggle out of her arms. He wiggled around so he could see everything. Finally Mom put him down, but kept a good grip on the base of his tail!!!! He didn't object! He trotted around, climbed the big snow pile behind the house, walked in the mud (it was 55F /13C) sniffed the big trees and tried to eat some dead plants. He checked out the big dog a couple of yards over (sniffed real good in his direction). Mom said his eyes were WIDE open and his ears were twitching like crazy, moving around to catch all the sounds. He trotted along, and Mom had to do a funny kind of run to keep up, so he wouldn't get away from her. He wanted to Go, Go, Go, but of course, that couldn't happen, so after a while Mom picked him up and brought him back Inside.

After all that fresh air, you'd think he'd be ravenous for a good meal of fresh, juicy stinky goodness. He ate for about one minute before he walked away. Later he had some crunchy treats. Now he's just napping. I don't get it.

He's old, he's not eating, he spends all day napping. His blood tests showed nothing more than a cat that's getting old. He can pee and he can poop OK. He eats crunchies. He eats snacks. Does he want to go to the Bridge? We can't tell. He doesn't seem to be in pain. He doesn't limp. He doesn't object when Mom picks him up. He doesn't want to be bothered, and he GROWLS at me if I pester him (and let's face it, I pester him. I want to PLAY!) The only time he seems happy is when he is near Mom, and then he purrs nonstop. But, he hasn't been keeping himself very clean, either.

Jasmine and I have been having a contest to see which of us is going to be Alpha Cat. She wants to Win. She thinks she deserves to be Alpha Cat because she is older, bigger and bossier. True on all counts, but I want to be Alpha Cat too. So we have been fighting. Like every day. We are fighting because Gizzy is not interested in being Alpha Cat anymore.

Mom has been talking to her Mom and Sister about Another Cat. Now this is exciting on so many levels. First, I could have somebody to PLAY with. Secondly, I would probably leave Gizzy alone. Third, and according to Mom, most importantly, I'd stop fighting with Jasmine to see which of us is gonna be Alpha Cat. She thinks if I had a pal, I'd leave Jasmine alone. Which I probably would, because, you know, she's a big fuddy duddy anyway. But the BIG THING is because Mom says that Gizzy might Go, and I'd be really lonely.


Go where?

(this picture of Gizzy was taken 5 years ago, when he was 10. you can click to biggify.)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Everybody's Watching Gizzy

Mom took this picture of Gizzy this afternoon as she finished up this kitty quilt. You can see him looking right at her.

This is me and Gizzy napping this afternoon on the cat hammock. As you can see, I am keeping a close eye on him.

He wasn't interested in the pork chop tonight.

You can click the pictures to biggify

The Power of Mom

Mom is powerful. She got up this morning, looked at her computer and smiled. Then she looked some more and told us that the servants at her day hunting all knew the right time, and were doing their jobs. She didn't even have to go there to find out. Kinda weird, if you ask me.

However, she can't get Gizzy to eat. She heated up his food, he ate a little, then went back to his nap. She even cooked some Bacon, and had Jasmine and I both practically fighting to get some. Gizzy sniffed, and turned away. Even if she hands it to him, he doesn't do anything. He's not a tuna fan. She's tried that. She's added water. Somebody suggested ice cream. She doesn't have any, but he does like ice cream, so she's gonna get some and try that.

I'm worried. Right now he weighs as much (or as little) as I do. And he doesn't want me around.

I heard Mom's Mom tell her "... you should get a companion for Millie..." That sounds like a good idea to me.

I invited Madness over. Bubbles would gladly send her. Jasmine would probably have a fit and a half, but I don't care what she thinks. I want somebody to play with.

Gizzy wouldn't even sniff the baby food.
He ignored the ice cream.
He licked a couple of tortilla chips
He did it a few bites of his crunchies.
He had maybe a teaspoon of stinky goodness, mostly he licked the juices.
And if you stick anything he doesn't want in front of him, he just gets up and moves away.

Mom's making a pork chop.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bizzy for Gizzy

Mom's Bizzy for Gizzy again. Now that the fleece is here, she's making kitty quilt sandwiches with the stuff. I think this is all well and good, but she's got to do something with all the dirty dishes spread out all over the kitchen counters. I can hardly find a place to sit so I can look out the windows.

Gizzy is giving himself a bath. Well, maybe a little bath. Mom's been giving him what she calls "sponge baths" every few days. She brought him to the v-e-t again this morning for some Sub-Q fluids and a weight check. He's lost a pound.

Mom is trying to find something he'll eat. He eats, but only a really little bit at a time. If she gives him treats, Jasmine and I come over to get some. If I try to get some, Gizzy gives up and walks away.

Mom's tried baby food; he sniffs it, walks away. Mom's tried tuna; he sniffs it, walks away. She's tried soft chicken treats, he licks them, mouths them, they drop out of his mouth, he sniffs them, he walks away. Last week she had a pork chop, and he was right there, begging (and eating) bite after bite. I'm gonna go tell her to have pork chops every night for dinner.

When I try to cheer him up, he growls at me. Big, nasty growls. And sometimes he tries to hit me.

The only time he seems happy is when he's in Mom's lap.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Mom Defeats Apache! Saves Daylight!

This just in...

Mom got home early from Day Hunting. She defeated Apache! She saved Daylight!

Now she's gonna do what any self-respecting cat would do.

She's gonna take a nap.


T.G.I. Friday

Mom got one flying quilt out this week. She wanted to launch quite a few more, but was working so hard saving daylight she couldn't. Here is Jasmine doing the final Quality Assurance check on this one.

Mom fixed the pest named Edi; but she surrendered to the Apache, and a Sultan is coming to save her tomorrow. She says that Saving Daylight is worse than Whytookay. I don't know what that means. She says it's not over yet. She says Al Hell will break Lucy on Monday. If I were Lucy, I'd stay home. If Lucy were a cat she'd stay home.

I am-SO- glad I'm not Lucy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finally! Fleece!

Remember last week Mom had to order some fleece for the kitty quilts? Well, it finally got here. She found some at a very good price, and ordered a lot. Don't I look like the Princess in the story The Princess and the Pea?

Mom has been feeling so aggravated trying to save daylight (she was fighting Apaches yesterday. I do not understand how indians figure into her troubles), she did what many women do. She went shopping. I managed to sneak a picture for you.