Sunday, April 05, 2020

I am Fourteen!

It's me, Millie. Today is my birthday. Actually, nobody knows what my real birthday is, so my Mom guessed, and picked April 5. It's probably close to the real thing, but nobody knows, so today it is.

Funny thing about the first few months of my life. As a feral kitty, my life expectancy was one year. I almost didn't even get that far. I was barely three months old when I almost went to the Bridge, but I got really lucky.

When I was four months old, I came to New Hampster to live with Mom, and I have been here ever since. Today I celebrate my fourteenth birthday. I am now a senior kitty, living the good life. I have a terrific Mom, not one but TWO kitty condos, FOUR cat hammicks and lots of good places to nap. I have a water fountain, and a great selection of foods, and I get treats nice and regular. I even have a front porch where I can sit whenever I want when the weather is warmish.

Happy Birthday to me, and to all the kits and cats I have known, and all the human friends my Mom and I have made over the years, thanks very much.