Friday, March 24, 2017


The snow is melting, but the weather has been very very cold the last few days, so it isn't melting fast enough for Mom. The temperatures should be getting back to normal soon so there's hope it will go away fast.

I am fine. Last Sunday Mom cleaned the house, and I mean CLEANED. She dragged the rug sucking monster all over the house and washed all my pillows, blankets and quilts. So I have been working diligently to recover all that stuff with my furs.

It's a tough job, but I like doing it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's Melting!

It's Melting! It's Spring.

Thank goodness!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday Things

We all know I rock the whole Tuxedo (black and white) thing. But I think I rock the red and white thing pretty well too!

So how much snow did we get? A whole lot. Maybe 18" or so (41cm). Mom says it will melt quick, but I think she's hoping. It's a lot colder than it usually is in March.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Rubylocks!

Happy Birthday, dear Rubylocks!

(And Happy Birthday to Rubylocks's mother, too. They share the same birthday.)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snowstorm Stella with Update 2

As everybody on the planet knows, we are having a big snowstorm called "Stella." It is a nor'easter, and could be a blizzard. Both are very specific things, and you can look them up. (I've even given you the links.)  
this is out the front window at 8 AM Tuesday
We are supposed to have between 18-24" of snow. That's 45 -61 cm for my Aussie and Kiwi pals. Mom has stayed home, because driving will be dangerous. It wasn't snowing when Mom got up to look at 5 AM, but these two photos were taken just after 8 AM, and you can see it has barely started. (Mom went back to bed.) I'll post updates throughout the day. See you later!

this is the view out back at 8 AM Tuesday

Update from 10:20 AM
This photo was taken about 10:20 AM Tuesday.

This is the view out back around 10:20 AM Tuesday. It isn't snowing all that hard yet.
Update 2 at 1:25 PM
It's really snowing hard now, and the wind is picking up.

The view out back.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Millie Monday

It's Monday.

It was WARM in California. I am not sure why we came back to chilly New Hampster. We are supposed to have a nor'easter tomorrow into Wednesday leaving a ton of snow. Bleh.

AND I hacked up a ginormous hairball last night and I feel miserable. I have been napping near Mom so I can get as many scritches as I can.

Is it Spring yet?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

What's Up?

You know what it means when I put on this outfit, right?

but I have to go through all that to get this:

I'd tell you this is as good as it gets, but I might be lying.  It's still pretty good though.

Mom is pretty excited though. She gave Little Miss this picture book that belonged to Mr Karate and got this fun photo.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ain't Gonna Be No When When

Two weeks ago, it looked like this out behind our house.  Lots, and lots of snow.

Yesterday, after two days where the temperature went up to the mid 60's and up into the low 70's (18 to 21C), this is what is left.

It was so warm Mom opened the door to the front porch and left it open all afternoon. She had other windows open too.  In fact, it was 68F here in New Hampster, and it was 48F in the City of Angels in Catifornia.  Very, very unusual for February.

This is the front garden, seen from our front porch. Not a lot of snow.

Not that I am complaining, really, but it does mean there won't be a When When Contest this year. Mom thinks this snow will all be gone in less than a week, as the daytime temperatures will be well above freezing for the next five days.

I guess I'll have to find something else to do.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Little Miss at Six Months

Holy Toledo! Little Miss is six months old! Look how much she has grown!

Isn't she just a cutie patootie? AND LOOKIT!  She has kitties on her jumpsuit! I knew I loved this little girl.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Out in the Snow

The front porch is screened in, and that means if the snowflakes are small enough, and it is a bit breezy, we can get snow on the front porch.

Of course I had to investigate.

Snow is cold. I knew that.

Snow is WET. I did not know that. I do not like wet.

I went back into the house.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Family Sunday

Mr Karate, Rubylocks and Little Miss went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday.

This is what it looked like out back on Friday morning. We got about three inches more snow yesterday. Today we are supposed to get another 3-5 inches and overnight, another 8 to 12 inches. We might have another 1-3 inches Monday. (Did you add that up? It means 12 - 20 inches before the end of the day on Monday. Add that on top of the 17" we already have. And we are supposed to get more on Wednesday and Wednesday night.

Mom did the groceries on Friday night, but decided she wanted to cook some lamb shanks today, so she ran to the store just before dinner yesterday. It was a madhouse. The place was jammed and there were long lines at the cash registers. This is because everybody and their brother was there because they wanted to stay inside during the snow on Sunday.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to be a cat?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Snowy Day, Exciting Evening

So we finally got enough snow to really call it SNOW. The weather guys said we were going to get 4 - 8" the day before, then the night before they changed it to 6 - 10" and then yesterday morning it was 10 - 16" (that's 25 - 40 cm for my Aussie and NZ pals).

Here are the front steps looking down from the porch. Notice you cannot SEE the front steps.  Yesterday was the first day I looked out onto the front porch and decided NOT to go out. Mom was a bit surprised.  Anyway it started snowing around 9 AM and didn't stop until after 5:00 PM.

We are outside of Manchester, and they got 13" of snow. That's a lot. It was good that everybody stayed home. Mom worked in the sewing studio, I napped on my kitty condo in the front room, then in my tent. Mom and I had dinner and then we were watching TV when all of a sudden everything shut off and the house went pitch black.

It was dark for a few seconds then it all came back on. Then it went out. Then it flickered and went out for good.

Damn! It's dark with no lights on anywhere.

Mom called the power company to report the outage, and then went to get her battery powered lamp, radio and flashlights. I followed her around. We opened the doors underneath the sinks so the water pipes wouldn't freeze. Mom put an extra quilt on the bed. Our driveway had not yet been shoveled, so we couldn't go anywhere even if we had wanted to.  Mom folded some laundry, and put the dinner dishes in the dishwasher.

After about an hour, the power came back on. It's a good thing. Yesterday when it started to snow, it was about 29F. When the power was out, it was 10F and getting colder.

That's enough excitement for one day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Little Miss Gets a Tooth

Oooooo! Little Miss is getting a tooth!