Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pretty Millie

The Lady actually opened up a tiny can of stinky goodness last night for dinner. And it was BEEF! I love beef. She divided it up so Gizzy and Jasmine could have some, but they didn't get as much as I did. Oh, it was SO good.

She pets me while I eat. I don't mind. Much. She does this thing to my neck though, that's kinda nice... I purr when she does it. I guess that means she'll do it more often.

After dinner she got her spiffy little camera out and balanced it on a pillow to take more pictures without the flashy thing. I'm letting her get closer. But I keep watch and if she moves her hands too close, I move away.

Mr Karate came over, and I played with him a little bit. I didn't let him touch me, but I didn't hide either.

Oh, it's been a long day. I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

Hi Millie,
We came to read your blog and let you know NDTTS means Nip dealer to the stars who is our neighbour and the hood nip dealer.
She is the best neighbour in the world because she has great nip and brings us pressies too.
Mitten the Smitten kitten loves her furbaby Miss Alla-mae from afar & is always trying to get her to come and play in our garden but she is a spoilt miss who wants to stay with her mummy.
NDTTS's also does work for free at the local cats protection league twice a week looking after furbabies that haven't got a mummy.
Purrs, the Famous Five

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the Beef Stinky Goodness. Congratulations on getting the most. I think that pretty soon you may decide that being petted isn't a scary thing.

Frostin said...

Hi Millie,

I'm glad to see that you are letting the Lady pet you when you eat. See pets aren't bad at all. :)

Bob said to tell the Lady that if she clicks post and comment options at the bottom of the edit screen for a new post she can change the time and date of the post.

Just Ducky said...

You are beginning to trust your lady. Your picture is furry good. You should put it up for Midnight, Grr and Cocoa calendar. We is rasing funds with this.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, Millie, that be such a purrty piksure of u's.

i posted my formerly feral friday post, too, 'n it wuz an xcell-ant idee.

Anonymous said...

Yea for cans of stinky goodness. Beef is good, but you've gotta start asking for PORK. Mmmmmm ... pig is good. If you can swing it, try for a slice of bacon (insert drooling here).
Daisy Mae Maus

Oh, and your photo is really pretty. Your chin is black and mine is white. Cool, huh?

Anonymous said...

Millie, I'm really happy to see you have ear tufts also! I thought I was the only one! You're pretty as a picture!

Anonymous said...

you really are a purrty one! we likes beef too, but we discovered sumfin else that we likes better than anyfing in the werld, an it's called EVERY FLAVOR OF SHEBA STINKY GOODNESS! ack-shully, our Lady sez it duzzn't effun stink. we don't want nuffin else now that we discovered Sheba, but the Lady kin only find it at Petsmart. That's okay - we don't care where she gets it, AS LONG AS SHE GETS IT.

Anonymous said...

My how you have grown! I love this picture of you. I reminds me of Mona Lisa. Your eyes seem to follow :)