Friday, October 20, 2006

Formerly Feral Friday

When I tell my friends that I now have three cats, they all want to know why I decided to get a third cat when I've had two cats for over 13 years. I say, "It's a really long story. My new cat is famous."

"Uh huh, " they all say. "Yeah, right."

So I have to tell the story. I start with
Jasmine's illness three years ago, and then launch into the story of how I discovered Malcolm and little No Name Yet from Max's blog. I tell them how I read the blog, and contributed. They all say, "Wow, what an amazing story!" But it isn't over. No Name Yet got a new name, Millie. Millie needed a home, and ultimately I decided to adopt her.

I have read some snarky comments about "the cat who got hit by the car and was rescued by a guy who couldn't afford her vet bill..." but obviously this person didn't read the story. To me the best part of this story is that a community of cat lovers rescued a female feral cat. Millie is one cat that won't be adding to the feral cat population. She is in a good home, where she will live a good life, and enrich the life of her owner.

Of course, the story continues. I had to start a blog so Millie's wonderful extended family could follow her adventures. I'm a fairly private person, and I don't buy into the idea of keeping a personal journal out in public where anybody can read it. And to blog as a cat? That idea just struck me as so ... juvenile. But Malcolm had expressed hope that I would start a blog for her, so I emailed Max's mom for advice. "Stay true to her voice..." was the excellent and most helpful reply.

When my friends actually look at the blog, they all express amazement. "I can't believe how many comments... omigod, your cat really IS famous."

You are all part of this wonderful story, and I am profoundly grateful. Millie is too, I am quite sure.

Let's celebrate all the Formerly Ferals who've overcome many obstacles and settled into a life of domesticity.

-- the Lady

update at 8:00 pm on Friday...

I did not anticipate what telling Millie's feral story would bring. It never occurred to me that other Formerly Ferals would tell their stories as well. As I read through them today, I was often brought to tears.

Certainly I have benefitted from the generosity of Millie's benefactors. But what amazes me each day is the outpouring of love and affection from people all over the country and the world. Millie has received gifts, and I have received tremendous support and many helpful suggestions in helping "domesticate" Millie from the cat blogging community. I have been thrilled to read comments from bloggers who say, "I read your blog every day, I look forward to it." And I feel I deep responsibility to do the right thing with Millie, and to keep her extended family "in the loop."

The comment from Anonymous this evening -- who recently adoped a Siamese cat from a horrific situation and thought of Millie and Gizzy when things got tough -- just takes my breath away. This cat is now learning to be a lap cat!

All I did was agree to adopt a cat and tell the story of her life.


It just reminds me that the most important thing we do in Life is to be good to each other. We often do not know how that can change the world.

I may have started out to tell one cat's story, but I find now that I continue because I truly enjoy being a part of this incredible community.


Just Ducky said...

Amazing isn't it. We have a great community here and are glad that Millie found a good home.

Anonymous said...

We are very glad that you started FFF. We love Millies' story. There are so many sad stories out there, that it is nice to hear about a story with a good ending. And it is cool to continue to follow Millies's Big Adventure and to see how well she is doing.

Anonymous said...

Count me as one who followed Millie's story on Malcolm's blog and now continue to follow her here. I check on Millie every day even though I rarely comment. Bless you for making Millie "formerly feral".

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

I read about Millie's rescue the first day Malcolm blogged about it, it struck a place in my heart. I have to agree, with all the sad stories out there it's nice to have one that is happy. Lucky Millie. And she really is famous, I took up a collection at work and printed out her story. Everyone who bothered to stop and read it donated, even the one co-worker everyone calls the "barracuda".

Anonymous said...

we've followed her story since Day 2, and we'll keep following as long as you keep blogging. we're going to do our Formerly Feral post too. it's a really good idea!

The Meezers or Billy said...

we too have been following Millie's story since the beginning. When we lived in New Haven, that exact same hospital took care of Trixie and Norton, and they were very wonderful people, we had to help out. And Millie was so darling. We are so glad that she found such a wonderful furrefurr home

Anonymous said...

millie is a fury lucky cat. some peoples jsut don't understand. Those peoples can go to the dogs!

We are glad yous around darlin millie :)

Anonymous said...

I recently adopted a one-year old Siamese cat. This little girl, Belle, was rescued from a sad situation with almost 30 other cats AND over 100 dogs, all in one home. Belle had been kept in a cage all her life and her experiences with people were VERY limited and not too happy. I think she could be considered at least semi-feral. During the first difficult days with Belle, I kept thinking about Millie and The Lady, as well as Millie and Gizzy (I also live with a 12-year-old Tabby named Tom). When things were tough, I just thought about how far Millie had come, and how she was getting closer and closer to her family. It helped me a lot. Thank you, Lady and Millie!
Susan S. (aka Tommy'sMommy)
p.s.: Belle is now learning to be a lap cat....

Max said...

People who have snarky comments are people who just don't get it. They probably never will.

The people who DO get it...well, we like them. They have opposable thumbs and Stnky Goodness, and they aren't afraid to crack open their wallets when it really matters, if they can.

I think we're all just happy we get to keep hearing about Millie. And that what we hear is that she's ok, and will probably outlive us all :)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading Millie's story for a while now and am so glad that you have made the effort to blog about Millie and her life with you. I lost track of Millie for a while and was so happy to find Millie's blog. Thank you for giving her a great home full of love and kindness. Thank you for being patient with her. Thak you for continuing to tell her story-and yours.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other posters: it is great to see a happy story. I have been following Millie since Max did the post. I try to read her blog everyday. I echo the others and also say thank you for letting us know how Millie is doing.


Anonymous said...

Snarky comments! Harumph! I am glad I haven't run across these. Everyone who followed the story as it was happening knows how sincere it was. Grrrrrr.

Just Me said...
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