Tuesday, October 03, 2006

buttons and buttonholes ~ BO-ring!

You'd think making buttonholes and sewing buttons would be quick - but N-o-o-o! The Lady added the buttonholes to her new jacket but didn't sew all the buttons on yet.

And she didn't play with me either. So I decided to hang out with my bestest pal, Gizzy.

I read Fat Eddy's blog and he has a funny story about waking his peeps up. Last night the Lady was in her bed sleeping and Gizzy and I were wrestling. He was growling really loud. We were making a lotta noise. The Lady got up, and came into the table room where we all were. "That's Enough!" She grabbed Jasmine, who was sitting on the blue recliner, and went back into the bedroom and closed the door. She must have thought I was pestering Jasmine and took her into her bedroom to keep me from bothering her.

Except it was Gizzy I was pestering!


The Crew said...

Just catching up on everyones pages. We're so glad to hear the news about Jasmine. Our Mom used to sew too, but with 4 of us here we make it impossible to get anything done so she gave up. She says congrats to The Lady on losing that weight. It's not an easy thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice snuggling with Gizzy. The 2 of you look so cute.

Fat Eric said...

Aww...such a cute picture of you and Gizzy. It is good that you have bonded. Your markings really are very alike from that angle.

Anonymous said...

ya know what's funny? our Lady sleeps on the couch in the living room efurry nite cause she likes it when we play or cuddle or ask her fur petting all nite long. if we go ta the Blonde Girl an the Quiet Girl's bedroom instead, the Lady wakes up an tries ta find us.