Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Floral Millie

The Lady is a big fan of Project Runway (gee, there's a big surprise), so tonight she watched the picture box while cutting out the paper pattern pieces for another jacket.

I really like paper. I play with her papers on her computer table, on the eating table in the table room, and especially the paper pieces she has pinned on the wall in the sewing room. Tonight she tossed all the paper scraps on the floor so I could play with them.

You can see me in this picture. She's thinking of making another jacket with these big flowers. I dunno, I think she's kinda crazy. (Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!" and I bet she will.)

Anyway, I was playing with the paper scraps on the floor and suddenly I was surrounded by these gigantic flowers.

You know, even though I still won't let the Lady touch me much, I like to hang out where she is.


Anonymous said...

you look purrty wif big brite flowers!

Anonymous said...

Millie, dearest, I think as much as you profess to be sweet on Gizzy, you may also be sweet on the Lady, and might be interested in owning her, as a cat rightfully should.

I noticed a pattern (pun intended) in a couple of your posts this week where you CHOOSE to be with the Lady and you have a nice time with her, and that's a very good thing, indeed.