Monday, August 15, 2016

Kangaroo Treats

In Oz, there are things called "Kangaroo Treats." I wonder if they;re made from real kangaroos. That would be kinda sad.

These smell good.

Really, really good.

I'm a fan. These are almost as good as Beef Temp-tay-tions.


Megan said...

Sorry Millie - I didn't realise that you hadn't read the list of ingredients. Yes, these treats do have real kangaroos in them. However, they also have (believe it or not!) poultry, beef, vegetables (unspecified) and yucca extract.

It isn't sad that there are real kangaroos in these treats. In some parts of Australia, in some seasons, kangaroo populations grow to such an extent that a small number of people are licensed to shoot them. In my opinion, if they are going to be killed, then it's better that the meat is used rather than just wasted.

There are also some kangaroos especially farmed for consumption by humans and the meat can be found fairly readily, although perhaps not in every supermarket or butcher. I'm glad that you enjoyed them.

Sydney, Australia

Monday walkers said...

Hmmmm - what will they think of next for you pussycats?

I haven't eaten the kangaroo meat which has been especially farmed for hoomans, but it is supposed to be"good" - low fat; high level protein etc - all the things we need.

However - if I were to try some, I think I would feel that I was eating Skippy - now that will need interpretation from Megan, or your Mom, when you get home - (unless she is sending you emails - is she?)

Skippy, simply, was a pet kangaroo - made famous in a TV series.

Noela Sydney Australia

Megan said...

You can read all about Skippy here:

The TV series was shot only a few miles from where I live.

Sydney, Australia

Charliepuss said...

Ooooooo. Lucky you Millie! I wonder what will be on the menu next. More Vegemite?

Hannah and Lucy said...

Which ones are your favourites Millie?

Just Ducky said...

Much better than the Vegemite! You can't control yourself.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Canned 'Roos? Who knew? Well, we've seen almost every critter canned as food (but not cats or Beins - that would be awkward). But are there canned MOUSIES? Noooooo.....

Be sure ta come ta my 6th Birfday Pawty tomorrow 16th! It may be our best yet... ~ MARLEY

Mickey's Musings said...

WE can see you love them...a lot ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ