Friday, January 02, 2015

What Direction?

My longtime friend Megan, from Sydney Australia, wants all kinds of information about what Mom calls "the lay of the land" for the When When Contest.  OK Megan, here you go.

When standing at the front of our house and looking out, like at the house across the street, we are facing due East. The sun will move to the right as it goes up. Generally, though (according to Mom) the front of the house is in the sun all day long. There isn't much shade out there until the leaves come out, but that happens after the snow melts.

The snowbanks across the street are about 24" high, and that big pile at the end of our driveway is at least 36" tall. Mom says that will be the last to melt.

Of course, Mom and I would have lost every single When When Contest we've ever had, so what do we know?

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