Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

The weather warmed up, so Mom opened up the door to the sewing studio. Now it is very cozy and I have taken over the kitty condo in there.

As you can see we had a little bit of snow. The weather is supposed to be cold again this week, but typical of the weather we usually have in January.

Mom has been a bit tired lately, so we haven't blogged every day like we like to, but I don't want her to get sick, so I am happy she has been resting a bit.  The tennis has started again. Next week our attention will be in Melbourne and we will be watching the Australian Open. Of course, we shall also be following our pals, the guys named Pat, who won a crazy game against the Ravens last night.


Just Ducky said...

We need to let our mum's get their rest. Extra sleeps and just letting them do what they want. Keep them healthy so they can take care of us.

Monday walkers said...

It is great that your Mom is so interested in the tennis - and in my country, this time. I hope you both enjoy it - I can picture you, Millie - head going from side to side as you follow the ball. Very dedicated gals and guys, aren't they?

Noela Sydney Australia

Megan said...

You are one gorgeous pussycat, Millie. Love those dangling legs in today's pic.

Sydney, Australia

Ellen in Oregon said...

You are right Millie, sometimes human beins, esp. hard working moms like yours, get so busy taking care of other people, pets & all the things they are responsible for that they forget to take good care of themselves so they can stay healthy. We cats wish our humans would follow our example more & remember to make time for chillin' out, relaxin' & takin' some time to rest up. We never want our mom's to get sick and not just because we would have no one to respond to our every whim. So, you & mom enjoy hanging out together watching tennis & football or just napping to your heart's content.
We're glad to hear the doors to your favorite condo hangout are open again & that temps. are a little warmer in New Hampster.