Saturday, November 01, 2008

Serving the Servants

Mom says these are two of her servants. They sure don't look like any servants I have ever seen before. They look like stoopid computers.

Mom's got to go to her day hunting gig today to put stickers on them. (This I wanna see.)


Just Ducky said...

So what is so hard that she has to hunt on Caturday to put a few stinking stickers on here? Slap a bumper snicker or two on them,lets go.

Millie said...

Mom says the servants need to take a tiny NAP after they get their stickers, then they have to wake up again right away, and she can't do that to them when everybody else is day hunting.

Chrissie said...

Your mom left you? She LEFT your gorgeous self (no worries, MontyQ) to go put some smeasly stickers on her SERVERS? And all this time she could be playin' with her pile o'fabrics and makin' little slide-y spots for you!What is she thinkin'? Never mind-she's NOT! People! They're so weird.

PS-They'd better be cool lookin' stickers is all I got to say.

Anonymous said...

Miss Millie , I am sure your Momma would rather be homez with you, but she has to do something to get you your temptations :)


Christine and FAZ said...

I am all confused. ConFAZed.