Sunday, November 02, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The leaves are pretty when they turn red, but yellow can be pretty too, as you can see in these pictures of trees in our yard. The top picture was taken in the morning.And this one was taken yesterday afternoon, with the sun shining behind it.Mom likes the yellow "glow." This is the last day she will see it like this, because it will be dark when she gets home from day hunting.
I really think Mom will take it easy today. After she came home from putting patches on her servants, she went food hunting, then made a nice dinner and some beef stew with meatballs. And she finished three Gizzy quilts, which you can see on her quilting blog. Be sure to go to the Bizzy for Gizzy blog and check out Isis on her "Blue Feathers" Gizzy Quilt.

Mom said to say she has been sleeping much better. I'm glad that my training is finally starting to pay off.

And please, if your beans haven't decided who to vote for on Tuesday, spend today educating them. This election is too important to let "somebody else" do something about it.


Anonymous said...

Yellow is a lovely colour! It always is a happy one and happy is good!
It is very good that your Momma is listening and watching and learning from you Miss Millie!
A goods nights sleep is very impawtant! :)
PES: I is feeling sleepy like, just looking at your cuteness in a ball!


Anonymous said...

We love all the colors of fall! Mom has already voted. It was the first time ever that she voted early.

Parker said...

That was a beautiful photo!
My Mommy and Daddy voted already.
Have a great relaxing Sunday Millie!

Puglette said...

Hi Millie, those are lovely pictures, I like the yellow too. I am sad about the days being shorter, the park I drive through every day is closed at dusk. :o(
It's hard to see the fall colors when you have to day hunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to report that my mom and dad voted yesterday morning. They were worried about lines and being late to work and stuff like that on Tuesday morning (mom has a hard time getting up in the morning).

Thanks for reminding people, Millie!