Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesdays with Mom

Life is different when you are the Only Cat. I like it a lot.

In the morning, once I hear the squawk box go off in Mom’s room, I run over. After checking everything out, I jump on the bed and she pets me. I sit down, and then sometimes lie down near her. She’s under the covers, so I am safe. She pets me and gives me scritches. When she’s ready, she gets up and gives me my breakfast and fresh water.

Later, while she eats, I sit nearby on the table. She’s got a towel up there just for me. I’m gonna have to get her to make me a special table quilt.

She has to go day hunting, so she leaves, and I get all the nice sleeping spots to myself. I can sit, or lie, or nap anyplace I want without worrying that somebody is gonna get mad at me. Life is sweet.

I don’t watch for her metal machine to come up the driveway. Gizzy used to do that. When she does come in, I go on over and let her know it’s time to feed me. She doesn’t feed me right away. She takes off her coat, puts her bags away, and turns on the computer. Then she feeds me. I let her know if she takes too long getting my dinner ready.

Sometimes I hang out with her when she makes her own dinner. She lets me smell stuff, but it usually isn’t very interesting. I bet Fiona bun would like the stuff.

I don’t hang around while she eats. I’m off cleaning up and taking a little snooze. When she’s done banging the pots and pans in the kitchen, she’ll go into the sewing room, and I’ll jump on the table to keep her company. You know, she’s lonely since Jasmine has gone to the bridge. Besides, now it’s MY job to quality check all the Gizzy quilts.

Usually I ask for treats after dinner, and since she always gets a little something for herself, she gives me treats too, so that’s really cool. What’s especially nice is that I don’t have to worry about getting shoo’ed out of the kitchen by a bossy cat. Now all the treats are mine.

I don’t sleep on her bed at night. I sleep on my own. Gimme a break, will ya? Rome wasn’t built in a day.




Things have really changed for you since Malcolm found you. I am so glad to hear that you are so happy now being Top Cat.


Jeanne said...

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Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Hmm, we never thawt we'd see the day when Millie keeping mom company and liking pets. Can sleeping in da bed be far off? Do yoo effer think about how horrid life would haf been for yoo if Malcolm haddent found yoo? If yoo had survived, and gotten yourself out of dat street dat fateful day...oh, we don't even wanna think about it.

Parker said...

Your life has taken many turns. It sounds like this turn is one you find pleasant. I was secretly hoping that you would be asking Mom for more company of the furry type. But...maybe you are going to be an only child now. You never do know which way the road is going to turn.

The Meezers or Billy said...

Millie, you certainly seem to be enjoying being an only cat! that's good! and laying on the bed with your mom? well, someday you might be sleeping there!

Just Ducky said...

I am sure you are both adjusting yet to being the only kittie. But you seem to be doing OK.

Mickey's Musings said...

Nillie,I think you and yer Mom are settling into a nice routine. It's so good of you to keep her company when she is sewing or doing other things. I agree with you on one thing, Life is Sweet!( so are you;) )