Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quick Tuesday Update

The Halloween Quilt will be flying to Florida tomorrow. But Mom has enough Halloween fabric to make a couple more Halloween Quilts, so if anybody is interested in buying one, email me at Darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com, or go check out my Products page on my website. (Just click the link that says order a Gizzy quilt, and Mom will get back to you.)

Jasmine pee'd all over her nice blue bed today, instead of in the litter box. And she didn't eat much, and stayed under the bed most of the time, and hissed and growled at me something awful. Not only that, Mom found poopies on the floor and on the rug. (Not me.)

Mom has ordered some stuff to take the pee smell out of the floor, and she also decided to try some Feliway, since she saw me trying to mark the nice yellow pillow from my tent. Has anybody got any experience with Feliway?


LZ said...

Sigh...oh Jasmine just start to use your box again please!


Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Poor Jasmine. Poor Mom. Millie, you need to be the good girl, so no marking.

Mom had very good luck with Kids N' Pets http://www.kidsnpetsbrand.com/ when someone peed on the mattress. She got it at Target.

Lesa said...

My lady used Feliway when introducing a new cat, but not for out-of-box problems. But, it calmed me and my 2 brothers (we were unrelated) after weeks of strife. She remembers it was very expensive! She uses "Nature's Miracle" for apres-pee, but found it works best on soft surfaces because it needs to be kept moist for a period of time so that the enzymes can break down the urine molecules. Not too good on hardwood floors. At one time, she was thinking about using "Cat Attract," but the problem cleared up before she went down that road. http://www.fieldhaven.com/docs/library/dr_elseys_litter_box_solutions.pdf

Anonymous said...

I have four cats and am having the same problem with one of them. She is marking because she is harassed by the youngest cat. I have tried Feliway in the past, dont remember it working very well but am going to try it again tomorrow. I am very worried about what is going to happen. I would also like advice about cleaning.
p.s. Millie I read your blog every day and love it. Bev

Hot(M)BC said...

Nature's Miracle is what Mom says is best for pee on the carpet.
Feliway is good for calming she says, but she doesn't know anything about how it might help with anything else.

By the way, for Bev, time out alone can help a cat who's upset. Mom lets Gree in the sun room alone with food and water once a day now and she's lots happier just getting a break from Mini. (She and Mini are too much alike hehehe)

your bud Pepi

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pepi, I now have Lily in an unused bedroom with her own new litterbox, food and water. I have a gate at the door and she seems happy. She isn't crying or trying to get out. This may be just the trick. Bev

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Mom's had horrible luck with Feliway (it made the boys mark and void MORE) ... And nothing seems to take all of the pee smell away.

Good luck ...

Anonymous said...

I used the Feliway plug-ins for Ollie b/c of peeing and to help calm him (he has detachment issues). I put 2 in the house-- one near each of his two main pee spots. He stopped marking and it amazingly calmed him.

I'm sure it's different for every kitty/kitty family, but it worked for us. We even stopped using the plug-ins after a while. I only used them again when we moved into the new house-- just in case he was nervous or scared.

Good luck! We're thinking of you!

PS- My old neighbor swore by useing a paste made with water and Oxiclean powder to get out pee smell. You just have to watch since it can have a bleaching action if left on carpet too long.