Friday, December 08, 2006

How Big Izz a Gizzy?

Cecilia, the meowmom of Bubbles, Mrs B & LT thinks that a "Gizzy" should be a unit of measurement in the cat blogosphere. (If this is news to you, read the comments of my blog yesterday.) Naturally, I think this is a good idea, because I use it, but it's up to you.

Anyway, I know how big Gizzy is, but you don't, so I had the Lady measure him. When I think of a "Gizzy" as a unit of measurement, I think of him from his head to his butt. That's about 18 inches. So two Gizzys is about equal to about three feet. And a half a Gizzy is about nine inches. So Jasmine will leave me alone if I'm two Gizzys away, she starts to growl if I get within one and a half Gizzys and goes positively berserk if I get within one Gizzy of her.


Yeah, I know it's "Formerly Feral Friday" but after my regular destruction of the Christymas tree this past week, the Lady isn't so sure about the "Formerly" part.


Anonymous said...

A haf a gizzy is 9", and yoo were a haf a gizzy away frum Jasmine and she dint kill yoo. She must be sofening, right? Jus like Zippy is sofening toeard me, yeah right. One of dese daze dey are gonna start liking us I hope.

Millie said...

She was half a Gizzy away, and the opening where she could see me was smaller than even I could fit through. But I think she would have made it through somehow if the Lady hadn't pulled her away first.

Anonymous said...

That makes me 2 Gizzys long from paw to paw stretched out!


Anonymous said...

A Gizzy sounds like a purrfectly reliable measurement.

Anonymous said...

Great, now we can start measuring everyting in Gizzies.