Thursday, October 26, 2006

WTH Blogger?

Geez, What was with Blogger last night? William thought it musta yakked up a furball. I think it musta got locked outta the house or something.

Anyways, the Lady (who's been studying h-t-m-l) actually registered a domain and soon I'm gonna have my very own website.

I have a coupla questions....

What's a domain?
What's a website?

(I already know what h-t-m-l is. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. I'm not interested in knowing more, because my brain is the size of a small walnut and I have to keep room for the really important things like how I hafta act to get the Lady to give me some beef stinky goodness, where's a nice warm place to sleep, how to avoid Jasmine and that kinda stuff.)

She says I shouldn't get all hepped up about it, because it's only a test and it isn't gonna be forever.

What's a test?
Why isn't it gonna be forever?

In other, more important notes, the big cats have been eating my crunchies. I know it's OCP (Older Cat Privilege), but I still don't like it.

And I found this totaly awesome window. Only I can reach it, because it's over the kitchen counter and I'm the only cat that can jump up there. It's gi-normous and it faces the sun. I am pretty sure the Lady will get some pictures as soon as she can.


Just Me said...

Here is my original post on Millie
I hope that will reasure you that I wasn't being snarky.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Having you very own window is nice isn't it? I love mine!

Is that your new water dish in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Millie your own website! That is very cool.
Yes, we want to see pictures of you and your big window. It sounds great.

Hot(M)BC said...

Your very own window. That's great :)
A website of your own is kind of interesting too. That sort of like our -- to which we are thinking of moving our blog... or maybe to where DivaKitty is moving her blog, fluffies and all. Blogger must have groomed about 40 squillion kitties to get hairballs big enough to make it act like it has been lately. And I bet those 40 squillion kitties are bald now.
~~ Mini

Fat Eric said...

Those presents you got were amazing! (I've just been catching up on a few days of blogging). Thank you for your comments on my page, Millie - your French is excellent for such a young kitty!

Just Ducky said...

Your own domain? Hmmm, not sure what that is. Like you I save my brain for important kittie things. Pictures of your windows. Windows are good.

The only issue I have had with blogger was during the party last weekend. I must use it at different times than you do.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Still so much to see and learn! Just worry about your kitty things and leave the hard stuff to the lady. It's easier that way.

Anonymous said...

we duzzn't know what a website is eiffur, but we's wonnering if it's got sumfin ta do wif spiders. just let us know where ya is at all times an we'll be happy.