Sunday, December 09, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The Karate Kid came over last night for an "Auntie Night" with Mom. (The Karate Lady and Mr Big went to a Holiday party.) Mom made a roasted chicken, which the Karate Kid loved, and then they put up the Christymas tree!

The Karate Kid wanted to watch a movie, so they didn't decorate the tree, but of course, I had to investigate! Mom doesn't want me to climb the tree this year, especially after I kinda wrecked it last year. I'm not making any promises.

Mom's -got- to take it easier today. She did everything yesterday. She cleaned up the computer room, the living room, moved stuff around to make space for the Christymas tree, did all the laundry, went food hunting, changed the sheets on her bed (and I helped), she washed all the dishes, and she even folded all the laundry. She emptied the litter boxes, dragged the rug sucking monster around, cleaned off the big table in the table room, roasted a chicken, fed the Karate Kid, and even did the dishes after.

All she has to do today is root for the guys named Pat who are playing a tough team called the Squealers. Or something like that.

UPDATE~ The guys named Pat beat the squealers (or whatever they are) by 21 points. That was a fun game to watch! I love Tom and Mike, and Matt and Tedy and Randy and Dante and Wes and all the other guys named Pat. They are Perfect!


P.S. Roxy may not be well. Her liver numbers are wacky and the v-e-t wants her to have an ultrasound on Monday. Her mom is worried about her, so say some purrayers for Roxy, and go on over and let her know you are thinking about her...


DK & The Fluffies said...

So... did the dandelion greens help?

Jan said...

Uh, is this what your mom calls taking it easy for the weekend?

We dropped by to check on Roxy earlier. We hope she gets well SOON!

We wanted to let you know Percy is home. You wouldn't believe where he was while Jan was searching for him.

Jan's Funny Farm

BooBoo and Popcorn said...

Millie, you tell your mom she needs to follow doctor's orders! She worked too hard today. That stuff isn't going anywhere without her (as she probably well knows). She should take a lesson from you. You're a cat - you know how to take it reeeealllly eeeassssy.

Purrayers for Roxy that she gets well soon.

michico*Adan said...

Oah Millie,
Ask your mommy rest more today~!

Dragonheart said...

Your mom should definitely take it easy today, Millie. I am purring and praying for Roxy.

Eric and Flynn said...

We fink yer mum should take it more eezy. Yoo'll haf to sit on her and stop her doing too many fings.
Why duzn't yer mum want yo climbing the tree. That's what trees are for, (but don't tell our mum we said that)

Monty Q. Kat said...

Alright. I'm coming over to help you hold her down, my dainty little gal doesn't weight enough to do the job. Let Mr TabbyMan-

Mr FlabbyMan


I'll come over before the game starts, that way when the Steelers win I can console you. ;D

Millie said...

If the Squealers win, you're getting whapped. (I love you, but love has its limits)

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh boy, Millie, your momma had a rough week. I hope she takes a good long nap this afternoon. You should probably show her how.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Tesla said...

i hope your moms takes a good rests. that always makes my momma feels betters.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Millie you tells your Momma she is sopose to be takings it easy..her people vet said so!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

*snort* our mom does dat when dey tell her to take it easy too...dem bean moms just don't lissen! We'z checked on Roxy and are saying a purrayer fur her. We'll prolly hafta wait a few days to see how da tests all came out. Hope she's gonna be okay.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Wow! Your Mom is making my mom tired just thinking about all that!

At least you got your tree up. My mommy hasn't even got that far and daddy went away for a squillion days and just came back and she says he's going away again tomorrow and she's not putting it up until he's here to help her clean!!! We're NEVER gonna get a tree up this year!!!!


PS. We're going to visit Roxy now!