Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Garden

Mom's garden really blossomed while we were in Mary-land. Here are a few pictures.

This is the shade garden.

This is the side garden we see from the kitchen window.

This is the garden in our front yard. Most folks around here have grass.  Not Mom. I think it's much prettier.

Mom has lettuce and a-roo-gala in window boxes on the side porch railings.

Of course, no view of our gardens would be complete without a photo of our front steps and the colorful plants Mom has arranged there, and you can see me, too.


Monday walkers said...

Millie - your Mom has got what hoomans call "green" fingers - she will explain.
Everything looks lovely, Lyn.

Noela Sydney Australia

Hannah and Lucy said...

Your garden looks lovely Millie - we wish our's looked as nice but with all the rain we've had it's a wonder the plants didn't sail away!

Megan said...

Of course we can see you too, Millie. It's what we come to the blog for! Your mom's garden looks very healthy and happy. Thank you for showing us the pics.

Sydney, Australia

da tabbies o trout towne said...

millie...momz gardinz doin grate !!! way better N ourz for sure....we hada such a funkee winter//spring we R knot sure we will ever see bloomz ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Oh wow, yer garden is so ORGANIZED, Millie! You have done a good job on it!

KitKat said...

Looks just lovely Millie. We are very jealous. Nice to see you looking out.
Angels Normie and Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

Poppy Q said...

What a lovely little garden. Your mom does an awesome job of making it look nice and having some tasty treats too. We don't have green thumbs or paws at our house.