Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

I'm fine. Mom's been bizzy making birds for a quilt. She's been going hog wild, making birds every night after day hunting. You can go over and see. Birds birds birds. It's pretty crazy.

The heating monster is fine. It's the oil tank that has problems. The heating monster v-e-t was over for a third time this past weekend and figured out the problem was water in the bottom of the tank. It would get in the pipe and freeze, so the heating monster starved.  We think it might be fixed now, but there may be some repairs in the future. So every night Mom comes home hoping the house is warm. So far so good, paws crossed.

We watched the Parade on New Year's Day. This was our favorite float. Mom likes dragons.

The weather finally got cold here in New Hampster. It is 12F (-11C) right now, and that's cold. We are supposed to have a couple of sunny days coming up with the temps above freezing. The nights will be very cold, but there is no "measureable" snow in the forecast. Works for us.

All the garden places are sending Mom catalogs. I think it's pretty funny, but I'm sure she'll be poring over them when she's done making birds. In the meantime the only green things growing here are her Amaryllis bulbs.  This one is just starting to open up.

I'll try to make sure Mom helps me blog more often than I have been lately.


Michael said...

Your mom's flower is really something, isn't it Millie? Well done mom.

Thanks for the update on the heating monster. You've gotta feel sorry for any monster that has to have three visits from the v-e-t. I hope the problems are all fixed now that you have very cold weather.

Sydney, Australia

The Meezers or Billy said...

that's a pretty flower! we had one like that but the mom killed it. She's has a death thumb.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

millie...say it iznt sew....knot...

BURDZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~