Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It was raining this hard all night. Can you see the water running down the hill? It was just like that. I think Mom might need boots AND her umbrella when she goes day hunting later. It was pounding on our metal carport and the awnings. It splashed on the screens in the sewing studio. Mom opened the door to the front porch so I could check it out.

We needed the rain, but not like this.

(btw, this photo was taken in May. It was too dark to get a picture of what it really looked like.)


Monday walkers said...

I hope the rain on the roof and the screens didn't keep you awake Millie - you need all the sleep you can get.

Noela Sydney Austrlia

Megan said...

Oh well - it's good for the garden I guess Millie.

Sydney, Australia

Fargo said...

Wish we could get some of that here. We've had a few teasers that only gave us a hint of rain. We've had no significant rain in 2 months and the soil is dry as dust.