Monday, October 06, 2014


Mom went to the old apartment yesterday to run the rug sucking monster all around, clean the place up.  She took these pictures of the empty place.

This is from the living room looking into Mom's sewing studio.

This was Mom's bedroom. She said she couldn't believe how tatty it looked. (I dunno what that means, but it doesn't sound nice.)

This is the dining rom.
This is the kitchen looking in from the dining room.

I already like the new place better. 


ZOOLATRY said...

Oooh, am full of envy! Am about to "face" all you've already gone through in about 3-weeks time ...
sigh. Big job. But once done, how
nice, how wonderful. Congrats on your new home, what fun now to settle in and all, make it special.

Ellen in Oregon said...

The end of an era Millie. You & your mom made a lot of good memories during the years mom lived there and then when she adopted you & you came to live in the apt. with her. It must be hard to believe that mom got every single thing packed & out of there. We hope you both will be much happier at the new house. It will be quieter, roomier & it has lots more light coming in which is really nice. Now you & mom can start making great new memories. Thanks old house for all the When When games outside. Thanks for being Millie's first real home after mom Lynn adopted her. So, now you can both settle into your new place & start making great memories there. Good-bye old house.

edward (the world's best ever dog) said...

Oh boy, my Mum thinks your Mum must be tired after all the work she's done moving then cleaning up the old house - lucky I am a woof woof and you is a cat hey!

Megan said...

I'm so pleased that you like the new place, Millie. I hope your mom does too. Congratulations to her on all the hard work she's invested in making this move - it's been inspirational.

Sydney, Australia

Just Ducky said...

YEah, all of your neat stuff, quilts and all made it look grate, now it is just another downstairs flat.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Hope you and Mom are settling in nicely in your new digs. Can't wait to see lots of pics!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Old places that are empty never look or feel the same!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Spectacular new house, Millie. But does this end the When When Day?