Monday, August 11, 2014

Seeking Approval

Mom spent most of yesterday afternoon writing all over a bunch of papers. She is applying for membership to some kind of group or other. It is very impawtant. They even want information about (blush) Me!

Needless to say I want to make a good impression.

If we are accepted plans will be made to implement the M-word.

That does not sound like fun.

for either of us.


Megan said...

Millie!!! The big 'M'? Oh nooooo. You'll need to be very brave. You'll need to trust you mom and be confident that if you do have to move, you'll be going to a better place. Perhaps there will be better bird television outside your windows? More sun puddles in winter and more cool spots to hide in summer. New places to hide! New smells to smell - oh, this is starting to sound like a fabulous adventure after all.

Sydney, Australia

PS. I'm sure that you will have made an extraordinarily positive impression. And, if a cat such as you chose your mom, then that means that she must be pretty special too - so you'll both be accepted as members of the group.

Poppy Q said...

Mum says that I was very stessed for a fortnight after we moved. Then I got used to it kind of quickly, more quickly than mum did. So we say don't worry kitties are pretty adaptable.

Julie and Poppy Q

Summer at said...

What?! Does this mean you might be leaving New Hampster? Noooo!

Ellen in Oregon said...

Millie, it sounds like you might be seeing some new views out your windows in the near future. No wonder your human is working so hard getting rid of all the extra stuff& decluttering. Very exciting stuff in the works for both of you Millie.

Monday walkers said...

Millie - you and your Mom have been through a lot together before - this will be just one more blip to face and you will be fine! You are a great duo -there's no doubt about that.

Noela Sydney Australia

Kitty said...

Oh noes. I know what the M word is. I've done it enough times, the last of which was about seven years ago. If I have any say no more M word for a very long time. Be brave though. You might get more space, a better view, and lots of treats to help you adjust. :)

Pufferoonie said...

Millie, lt us know if Monty shows up at your door.