Monday, April 04, 2011

Millie Monday

Abby, Orinch, I can't tell you how sad I am the snow is still here and you are not the winners of the When When contest.
Mom's a little tired of that view out the window with no green grass or flowers, so she just took a picture of the snow pile we are all watching. If you want "the usual" view, just let us know in the comments.

HEY! That's not funny, Mom! Where's the fleece cover for my cat cup?
(Millie, it was dirty. It was covered in fur. I put it in the washer.) Fine. Suit yourself. I'll just nap in these nice, warm, clean sheets.



Megan said...

Hmmmm - I'd challenge your Mom's use of words if I were you Millie. Look back at what she said: "It was dirty. It was covered in fur."

You're covered in fur. Does that mean that she thinks that you're dirty?

Since you wash yourself so frequently and keep all your furs very very clean indeed, doesn't that mean that the furs on the cat cup are clean too? If so, why did she need to wash it? It simply doesn't add up - especially when you're allowed to snooze on the freshly laundered bean sheets instead.

I think you need to take some time to sort out your Mom's thinking. Good luck with that.

Sydney, Australia

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

You have every right to sleep in the clean sheets

Mr Puddy said...

hee..hee..hee..That's a good bay bak, Millie : )

Angel Simba said...

I love what Megan said!

Sparkle said...

Clean sheets for a missing cat cup cover - sounds like a proper trade-off to me!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

any day now.... that bonkbonk silly snow!

Milliehn I hope you have a super fun day today and get our heater cover all furry too


The Meezers or Billy said...

we were thinking like megan - your furs is clean, therefore the furs in the catcup were clean too!

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Yes, we spies the snows was rainy and cold here last week and today is supposed to hit 80, crazee!

We have heat pads, too and loves them, but ours sit under out beds so we always have a bed on top, but silly us--we usually tip the bed off the chair and sit on the heat pad.

Just Ducky said...

Why do they persist in getting our furs off of stuff. We will only put it back.

Gigi said...

What is WRONG with the Humans? Every time we get something all comfy and smelling really good, just like us, along they come and snatch it away! When they bring it back, it doesn't smell like us AT ALL anymore. So, how is that an improvement?