Sunday, July 27, 2008

SweetBean Sunday

This is SweetBean's quilt, and Auntie Karate made it.

Mom had always wanted to make a quilt for SweetBean, especially since her accident. When Mom was asked to be Sprout's godmother, she knew she would make the baby a quilt as a gift.

The next day, she was visiting Auntie, and said, "I know I will make the baby a quilt, and I would love to make SweetBean a quilt, too, but I can't not make one for KidBean."

Auntie said, "I'll help. I'll make a quilt for KidBean."

Mom thought that was wonderful, "That's great! He's five, he loves trains," she said, "You could make a train quilt."

"I don't want to make a train quilt," Auntie replied, "I'll make SweetBean's quilt. You make the train quilt."

And that was how it was decided that Mom would go to Mary-land with quilts for all three kids. What a surprise that was going to be! And thus, the Super Secret Project got started!

Auntie doesn't have a sewing room like Mom does. She takes over the floor in her picture box room. You can see both Roxy and Lucky helping.

Mom helped too. She offered Auntie some pink fabrics from her stash, but Auntie had very definite (and different) ideas about what she wanted. She accepted some fabrics from Mom, and rejected some.

Mom helped Auntie sew the pieces together, and iron them, but Auntie decided where every single piece would go. Here, Mom is arranging the pieces on the floor so the two of them will know if it was time to sew the blocks together to make the quilt top.

Roxy performed the QA on SweetBean's quilt, checking it for softness, kindness, love and affection. She also made sure to leave her special stink woofie-roma on it.The quilt is so beautiful, we just don't understand why Auntie is hiding in this picture.
Thanks Auntie, for making this beautiful quilt for SweetBean.

Auntie Karate ROCKS!

Sweetbean loves her quilt.


The Furry Bambinos said...

What a beeyootiful quilt for a beeyootiful little girl!

Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

Anonymous said...

It is just the cutest!

&&it'▲ said...

What an amazing quilt! Oh my goodness! SOOOOOO beautiful! I have one on my bed... made by you!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

WOW!!! It efen has a NAME in it!

Poppy Q said...

It sure is a pretty quilt, I bet she is gonna have sweet dreams lying under that.


Forty Paws said...

How purrty! You guys are very lucky to be visiting your relatives in Maryland!

Luf, Us