Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Things

I haven't got 13 things that are the same to talk about today, so I just have 13 thoughts.

1. Mom made another block for the Meezer Raffle Quilt yesterday.
2. Mom went to her day hunting gig yesterday. She fixed all the problems that cropped up on the days she was sick.

3. Then she went to the dentist and got a crown, but it isn't at all what I expected. What the heck is it doing in her mouth, anyway?

4. Derby's got his Gizzy quilt, and he likes it. Pictures to follow this weekend on his blog.

5. Mom hates the snow, we got another two inches last night.

6. Rami is going to show his collection on Project Runway next week. He beat Chris.

7. The landlord fixed the drainpipe in the kitchen sink. Finally. It's been leaking every time Mom uses it. Now she hasn't got an excuse not to do the dishes. Good thing. She's running out of clean ones.

8. The washing monster spins just fine if Mom uses it on Permanent Press. Mom is not interested in having to replace it, but she figures it's gonna cost lotsa green papers one way or another.

9. Mom and Auntie are a little bit behind schedule working on the HAM Meezer Quilt. Between you and me, I don't think it's gonna be finished on Sunday. They are whispering about an extension (but don't let them know you heard it from me.)

10. You should go over and check out Auntie. She's got some very striking combinations she's putting together for the HAM Meezer Raffle Quilt.

11. I have been sleeping next to Mom at night. Every night. I don't go to bed when she does, but I join her later.

12. Sometimes she wakes up, and feels me lying up against her, and she reaches over and gives me scritches. I purr contentedly.

13. We're supposed to have 4 - 8" of snow Friday night into Saturday. I've had it with the snow, too. ENOUGH ALREADY!


snowforest said...

What a purrety quilt. Millie you iz a furry aforable kitty too!
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

Parker said...

We are so through with snow! Millie, isn't it wonderful sleeping next to Mom???

Monty Q. Kat said...

If you really want to play with your Mom's head, give her a head rub one time when she's sleeping. Trust me, puts 'em in a good mood all morning.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

KC said...
nice thoughts, Millie.
That quilt is gonna be sumfing specshul, hope we wins it. hee hee.
guess you and yours mom is outta luck about more snow.

Tybalt said...

Millie, how sweet of you to be sleeping next to your mom at night! Drat to all the snow coming your way. We had snow yesterday, after it had gotten up to almost 70 the day before. I think our weather has issues.

Jan Price said...

Hey, Millie,

We're so glad you're warming up to your mom at night.

There are always more needs than money, aren't there? We just posted about another cat in need today.

We're sorry you are getting so much snow. We haven't had any this year and we're quite happy about it. Maybe you could pack your mom's bags and move her south.

Jan's Funny Farm

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Crown? In her mouth? Maybe she has royal teeth?

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

That is a nice block of quilt. Someone is going to be very lucky to have the whole thing.

Wow, there sure are a lotta things goin on at yer place. Crowns in moufs and drains and washers. And more snow? Yuck!

Hope it all werks out soon!

PB 'n J said...

We're so excited to see the final quilt!

Just Ducky said...

The big Gizzy looks like it will be really pretty. I don't mean to be greedy, but I hope I win!

You and I sound alike when it comes to sleeping with our beans. I join her after she snuggles in but don't have to be super close to her.


Just Ducky said...

Miss Millie and mum, I have given you an award. Stop by and pick it up.

meemsnyc said...

Nice quilt!!