Sunday, February 24, 2008

How Big the Raffle Quilt Izz!

The quilt Mom and Auntie Karate are gonna make for the Meezer Raffle will be as big as SIXTEEN GIZZYS!

Mom and Auntie say it will be about 90" x 102", so it is big enough for a Queen size bed, and will be useful for a King size bed, too. The quilt will be 100% cotton, it won't have a filling, and it will be tied, not quilted. Quilts like the ones Mom and Auntie make are completely machine washable and dryable. These quilts are very durable, and will last for many years.

Mom's family puts these quilts above the top sheet when they make their beds. Then, if you can believe it, they put their blankets ON TOP! They say these quilts are perfect in the summer, because they aren't too heavy. And they make great beach blankets, or picnic blankets.

Raffle tickets are $10.00 each and will be on sale for one two weeks.

Winner will be announced Sunday, March 2, 2008. March 9, 2008.

Winner gets the quilt and US Priority Mail to anywhere in the US. If the winner lives outside the US, the winner must pay any additional shipping costs.

Yo! MOM! What color is this quilt gonna be?

It will have ALL colors in it, Millie, and it will be bright and cheery.

When are you gonna post a picture of it?

As soon as it is finished. Auntie and I are working on it now.

OK everybody, empty your piggybanks, and buy lotsa tickets to help the Meezers!



Meowers from Missouri said...

fank you furry much, millie, mom & auntie, for the opportunity to gamble a little! the winners who take home the quilts are lucky--the winners for whom the quilts were made are blessed!! we is proud to know you all--

the meowers

Parker said...

This is going to be one special Gizzy! Whoever wins this is going to have such a lovely bed.
I hope it's Mommy! Tee-Hee!

Hot(M)BC said...

Woo hoo! Now we've got to go buy Grandma's raffle tickets and ours too!
Alla Us

Chrissie said...

OOoo, OOoo, Me too, Me too! I'm gonna buy a squillion tickets and maybe I'll win this time..and help the Meezers, too!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! The Lady is very excited!!!

Kimo and Sabi said...

OK - We're in!

Just Ducky said...

Mum has place our order. I will keep my paws crossed, maybe I can have good luck on the ginormous Gizzy for mum.

Mickey's Musings said...

Sixteen Gizzys!!! That will be a super prize!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Karen Jo said...

That's a really big quilt. I'm in.

Poppy Q said...

Oh how exciting. I like the little gizzy pictures you used to illustrate how big it would be. Aww you girls must miss the old fella.

Poppy Q and Julie

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

How exciting! :) We can't wait to see the quilt. :) We just bought our ticket!

LZ said...

We bought a ticket!!! This is SO exciting. We also posted an announcement on SS for people to come over here and buy tickets.


Archie and Melissa said...

Emmitt and I are so excited. We just bought a ticket for the beautiful quilt. :) We know anything Auntie Karate makes is going to be gorgeous! Have a great day!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

We're in too! Good luck with the quilt. I hope you all have fun making it and raise lots of dough for those meezers!

Chance said...

YAY, Mommie just gots me a tikket. Iz soo furry esciteds.

Samantha & Mom said...

Wew just got our ticket and will probably buy some more! It's under my Mom's PayPal, if you don't recognize us.
Your FL furiends,