Saturday, October 27, 2007

So-So Saturday

It's raining out, and the wind has blown a lot of leaves off the trees. Here is the maple tree in our back yard two weeks ago:

and here it is right now:
It hardly has any leaves left and we can see the neighbor's house.

I went to Fat Eric's birthday party last night and met a lot of you. I met the Crew and Ruis for the first time; saw many other friends, and had lots of fun. Everycat seemed to think I should convince Mom to get me a Mite as a companion. I dunno about that. I like being Top Cat.

Mom's gotta go day hunting today. Something about "Month End Processing." She says she doesn't mind as much when it's a crappy day outside. When she comes back she is going to finish this quilt for some lady cats in Kansas:

Oh and, I'll be going on a Road Trip with Lucky, Monty Q, Daisy, the Meezers, and a few others. We're going out to see Lux. You have to go see Roxy's blog to get the whole story. It's gonna be a really interesting weekend!

And of course, I'll be rooting for the Red Sox tonight!

Maybe it won't be a so-so Saturday after all!


Hot(M)BC said...

Yoo gets yoo a Mite only if yoo wants one, Millie. I wanted to be Top Cat and Only Cat too. Mommy and Grandma didn't lissen tho. Oh well. I guess that's ok. Maybe one day I'll get them trained to lissen. Hope yoo haf fun today!

Mickey's Musings said...

A lot of leaves came off out trees too.We will get your rain tonight and more leaves will come off,hahaha!
Have fun on your road trip. I won't go(staying with Miss Peach)
but Tillie & Georgia will probably go!

Anonymous said...

Were we teasing you too much getting a mite, Millie? I fully understand that you want to be the Top Cat. You are a beautiful tuxie girl!!

Have fun, but be careful on the Road Trip.


Daisy said...

That Gizzy quilt is really pretty!

I am really looking forward to the Road Trip. It will be FUN!

Lux said...

I can't *wait until everycat (and Lucky, of course) gets here!!! :)

Fat Eric said...

Thank you for coming to my party Millie. I think whether to get a Mite should be for you and your mum to decide. That is a furry pretty and girly quilt there.

Artie said...

I didn't see Millie's cute little face in the original picture! My sister and I can't wait until we get our quilt. We're so happy Millie is still performing quality control. I hope our brothers don't get any ideas about using OUR quilt. Girls only!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Wow, yer trees is losin leaves efen faster that ours!

We are still thinkin of gettin a mite. Efrykitty said we should get 2, but we arent sure we want 4 kitties in the cave, so we are thinkin about it. We want 1, but it hasta look differnt cause The Big Thing gets confoosed easily.

Skeeter and LC

Christine and FAZ said...

Even though the leaves are nearly gone now the colours are so beautiful. FAZ

Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxwell Mufsa Millon said...

Millie did you see they boys are winning this one for Grizzy

Lilly offical spotted good luck charm
for the red soxs Lu