Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Opening

This is Mom's brother, who lives Far Away.
Mom's brother and Mr Karate.
This is Mom and her Niece, the Pretty Girl, who is 9.

Mom spent so much time talking to everybody she forgot to take more pictures.

Gizzy, Jasmine and I teleported over to see the show. We were perfectly dressed for the occasion as many Artists wear black. We checked out the artwork, which was beautifully hung, and then spent time at the buffet table. Jasmine had some bacon wrapped scallops, I chased a Swedish Meatball around before I caught and ate it. Gizzy had an empanada. We left before it got too crowded. Afterward, Mr Karate and Mom went out with some friends and had Martinis.

~You can click the pictures to biggify.~


momsbusy said...

wow, millie yus has a fery nice fam-il-lee. they is so tal-in-ted too. whens will yus dis-ca-fers yurs hidden tal-ints?

yuki & kimiko

Anonymous said...

My, my, Millie - orl yore hoomins are furry pritty or hansum, aren't they. And wotta wunnerful red jakkit yore Mum is wearing.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Your moms jacket turned out nice!

Just Ducky said...

You can see that your LadyMom and the Brother are related. Same smile. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your LadyMom's jacket and bag!