Tuesday, October 31, 2006

normal and boring

Today's Petting Time: 1 minute 5 seconds (not all at once)

Today was an OK day. It was sunny outside. I watched some birds out the window. I hung out with Gizzy in the cat hammock. I harassed Jasmine and chased her some and she chased me some. The Lady gave me some beef stinky goodness along with my crunchies today. I let her do that rubbing thing on my neck that I like. After she came home from hunting, I even let her rub my head a bit before she even fed us. A little bit.

She watched the guys named Pat last night. They aren't all named Pat. One is Tom, another is Tedy, and there's a Rodney and a Matt and a lot of others I can't remember. She really thinks the Bellychek guy is wicked smart and she likes the Kraft guy too. I dunno why they call it football, that guy Tom was throwing it all over the place. Bang, bang, bang. I don't think the Vikings were having fun playing with the Pats.

She went to bed late, and BOTH Gizzy and Jasmine wanted to sleep on the bed with her. Of course it gets colder at night now, and it's warm on the bed with her, so they both sleep with her. And of course Jasmine wouldn't let me be with them. She keeps looking for my crunchies. She can't get 'em. Heh.


Mattingly said...

Millie it's so great that you're letting the lady pet you! Now that you feel safe in your home, I'm glad you're starting to be able to feel the love that your lady has for you too. Where do you sleep when Gizzy and Jasmine are on the lady's bed at night?

Millie said...

Hi Mattingly,

When both Gizzy and Jasmine are on the Lady's bed, I sleep in the nice big chair in her room. But Jasmine likes that chair, so if she wants it I usually go sleep on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Millie

I am the ONLY cat in my house and that is how I like it!! I always get the best sleeping spots, and when it gets very cold here on the Canadian prairies, my mom lets me sleep under the goose down duvet with her.

I am a very spoiled kitty!!


Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Didn't you climb up on the bed and keep warm? I love to sleep on the bed at my Meowms feet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a full minute and five seconds petting time! Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

we're gonna tell the Lady ta lite the heater thingy when she gets home today. we lay on her ta keep warm, but our backs are still chilly.