Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Tricks

The Lady has been studying something called MSSQL 2005 Server. She's been muttering about triggers, and events and profilers and tracers. Last night it was backups, transaction logging, differentials and restoring. I think she's losing her mind.

She came home late tonight, but she brought three different kinds of stinky goodness. I wasn't interested in any of them. I am not interested in Lobster or Halibut or Shrimp. I like Meat. Gizzy wasn't picky. He ate some of each.

I have also been learning some new tricks, and the Lady caught me with her camera, so you can see. In one of these, I have run up the back of the recliner. In the other, I am looking to find a push pin I can pull off the wall to play with. The Lady doesn't like it when I play with these. As soon as she hears me batting one of these around, she comes running. (oh yeah, that's the new jacket she's been working on.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, be carefull of those pins Millie. They can hurt you.
You are getting so big darling. So you don't like stinky goodness anymore. Or do you only like the meaty kinds?

Anonymous said...

That is quite a beautiful picture of you, Millie, in front of the fabric.



Millie be furry careful wif those pushpins....they can be furry hurty to a kitty like you or me. Yur Momma is watchin out fur yu.


Anonymous said...

yup - yur momma's losin her mind fur shure. we duzzn't know what those werds mean, but she should be muttering things like "temptations", "fev-vers", "crinkle balls", "mousies" an "tuna water"

momsbusy said...

millie, i hope your mommy can get some pics of you showing off the new tricks you have learned. you are certainly growing up to be quite a beautiful and intelligent kitty.

Hot(M)BC said...

We agrees with Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. *nods*
I wouldn't eat those pushpin thingies tho. The pointy bit is kinda tough to chew and I hearded it makes holes in the tummy. I wouldn't want all my food to fall out cuz of that. Yuk!
By the way, I don't like any kinda stinky goodness. I just eats crunchies. I loves my crunchies :)

Myst and Blackie said...

Oh... our Mom knows about about triggers & backup thingies. She said she is DBA at work. Doesn't make sense to us but it might to your Lady

Anonymous said...

Millie, if your Lady took the picture and the picture shows the top of her head, did she hold up the camera in front of her and upwards a bit, hold her tongue just right and click? If so, she did a great job.

Scritches to you,

Anonymous said...

>I think she's losing her mind.
Yup. That's part of learning though, getting outside of your comfort zone, getting a little crazy, making mistakes, starting all over, then finally standing up proud when you 'get it'

Mom (the Lady) is learning how to make computers do tricks. You might hear this called programming, hacking, or l33t. I'm very proud of my Mom, she's excellent!