Saturday, October 07, 2006

Changes and Imagination

There have been some changes here. The Lady moved my food dishes into the kitchen. My dishes are on the other side of the room from Gizzy and Jasmine's food dishes. And I'm not getting stinky goodness anymore.

She also moved my small litterbox from under a table in the sewing room to the bathroom. The bathroom is where the big litterbox is too. My small litterbox is in a nice protected spot.

The Lady is making more effort to pet me at different times. When she gets back from hunting during the week (this is where I assume she goes, but she must be pretty lousy at it, because she never brings back anything good), she always pets Gizzy and Jasmine and gives them scritches and kisses. She talks to me too, but I am not quite ready for that much physical attention from her. I let her pet me while I am eating. Now I purr loudly when I eat, and she seems to like that. I let her pet my head, scratch the top of my head, pet my whole back and sides, and run her hand along my tail. Every now and again I have to back up and take a good look at her, to make sure she's not gonna pick me up or anything. She tries to pet me when I am resting, but I never let her.

Turnabout is fair play, though. This morning she was sleeping late, and I jumped on the bed and walked all around her, and got quite close to her head. I even sat on the nightstand for a bit and watched her.

She says I do a lot of things that she'd like to take pictures of, but I'm too fast. By the time she gets the camera ready, I'm gone, so you have to use your imagination to figure out what a picture might look like. Here are some of them:

1. I have been known to sit on top of the litter box when Gizzy is in it.

2. I can drink running water from the faucet (tap) like Gizzy can.

3. I also dip my paw into the pool of water at the bottom of the sink to check it out. Apparently this is very weird for a cat. Whatever.

4. I am quite good at running from one end of the house to the other and sitting on the back of all the upholstered chairs, then running down.

5. I watch her closely when she works in the sewing room. Sometimes I sit on her work table and watch when she moves the fabric around. I watch when she runs it through that noisy machine. And I watch when the puts that hot thing on her stuff.

6. I observe when she digs in the litterboxes every day. I actually got in once while she was trying to clean it out.

7. I love chasing crumpled paper all around. That makes a great noise and is lots of fun.

8. She hangs a lot of stuff on a special wall in the sewing room with push pins. I am getting quite good at pulling these things out of the wall.



Max said...

What? No Stinky Goodness???? THE HORROR!!!!

If they ever take mine away, I'm pooping on EVERYTHING!

momsbusy said...

that's a great list millie. you sure can do lots of stuff. i sure would love to see pics of all your adventures. couldn't you wait until your lady gets the camera ready before you finish? please, i'll send you some treats.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Millie you seem very busy. Bubbles and Mrs B does not get stinky goodness either. It means you are a big cat now.

Meowers from Missouri said...

oh, that's too bad about the stinky goodness. surely the Lady could work something out with you, maybe splitting a can among you once a day?

your Lady is furry sensible not to try to get too familiar real quick. you just relax, and when the time is right for you both, it'll happen--she'll pick you up, and you'll purr and LOVE it!

purrs from

Anonymous said...

I treat our Lady 'bout the same as you treat yours, even though we've been here well over a year. I only show love and affection to the Blonde Girl.

Anonymous said...

We show lotsa affection to the Lady an Grr effun loved on her fur a whole 7 minutes one morning. We think Grr's comin 'round.
Cocoa & Midnight