Sunday, February 22, 2015

Super Sunday

Why is today SUPER Sunday?  Check this out:

That's like, thirty degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning.  In New England, this is a HEAT WAVE.  Crusty New Englanders drive around with the windows open on their metal masheens on a day like this. They walk around with their coats open, and their gloves off.

Mom took some pictures of our house so you can see just how much snow we have.

 We live on a hill, and when you come down the hill, this is what you see.

This is our driveway, and you can see a bit of Mom's Metal Masheen under the carport. (Mom has been calling it a "car tunnel" because there is so much snow.)

Lookit all this snow. It is all going to have to melt before we have a When When winner later this spring.  Can you see how high the snow is on our front lamp? It's really close to the sign with our name.  That window on the far right is where I am on my kitty condo...

taking care of bizness.

It'll probably get colder tomorrow, but for now it is fun to watch the snow melt.  Don't worry, there will be plenty for the big contest. It will start one week from today!


Deborah Pruden said...

When when July 5.

Ellen in Oregon said...

40 degrees must be considered a heat wave for you & mom. Enjoy the warms while it lasts. We are glald you guys live a the top of the hill, 'cuz when all that snow melts it's best not to be where the water will settle. We saw that mom played Thor & smashed the ginormous icicles with her mighty hammer. Mom doesn't hunt mousies, but she sure is good at deading giant icicles. Keep on takin' care of Bizzness Millie & then find a nice sun puddle to nap in on this tropical day (well, relatively speaking anyway).

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Wow, you got as warm as WE did here in Merryland today. Only WE have just 6" of snow, Thank Cod!

BTW, with all the snow you have piled up, should the When When guesses include a year, MOL?

Megan said...

I can imagine your mom in her shorts and sandals walking around your house taking these pics, Millie. I see someone has already jumped in with their entry for When When. July 5 seems a bit late to me: I would have thought July 4 the better choice.

Sydney, Australia

Georgia and Julie said...

Yup, that is a lot of snow!
Surprising how fast it can disappear when we have a lot of warm,sunny days!
We purr we get some of those soon!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Wow. We've been sharing these pics with our Daddy. You have his sympathy, too.

Enjoy your warms. Ours went away and WE got snow today!
Will this ever end???

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Heat wave, heat wave! You deserve a tropical 40 degree F! Lovely that everyone celebrates there!
We understand. It is 0 here!
At least we haven't had that much snow. But winter is not over yet for us!

Monday walkers said...

Big improvement in temperature, Millie.
Looking forward to the competition.

Noela Sydney Australia