Friday, February 06, 2015

Finally Friday

Mom and I are both happy the weekend is almost here. She wants a few days to relax. Last weekend she taught a class on Saturday and then watched the Super Bowl on Sunday and she says both those things stressed her out.  Of course, the almost two feet of snow we got this week didn't help.

And guess what, kits and cats?  We have what the weather guys are calling a "long snow event" coming over the weekend into Monday. That means more snow, although it won't fall as heavily. And it will be furry, furry cold, so it won't be any fun to go outside.

Not that that bothers me. Mom says the heating monster has just been fed so our house will be warm. (The heating monster eats green papers. That seems utterly ridiculous to me, but that's what Mom says.)

Here's what it looks like outside our house this morning. See how the snow is almost as high as that metal masheen?  Yeah.  And on these houses with almost flat roofs, that much snow isn't good. Remember I said the snowplow lady cleared ours off last weekend?

Well, she will have to do it again in another week.  Some of our neighbors have had their roofs cleaned off too.

and others need it.

I have a front row seat to watch.

Have I told you lately how glad I am to be a cat?


Hannah and Lucy said...

We can understand you being happy at living inside Millie and we are so sorry for those poor cats who don't have their own home.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

KitKat said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow Millie! No snow here. In fact, it was so warm yesterday you needed A/C. 83 degrees. Almost broke a record.
Sweating in California
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

Georgia and Julie said...

Wee glad to be indoor cats too!
Mom said the only good thing about this latest bunch of snow was that it was powdery and light. It's still a pain to move it though ,heehee
She wants a few days to rest before any more weather "events"!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Megan said...

Wowza Millie - that sure is a lot of snow. It does seem odd that a monster would eat papers, but ... if your mom is sure, then I guess it must be so.

Sydney, Australia

Ellen in Oregon said...

Boy, oh, boy Millie. We this snow business must be getting pretty old now. Hard to believe more is about to get dumped on you & mom. Your mom was furry smart to keep your roof cleared of as much snow as possible. Some of your neighbors - not so much. It looks like you have an excellent front row seat to possibly one or two of your neighbors roofs & carports collapse under all that heavy snow. You & mom have a relaxatatin' weekend & stay warm. Maybe you could ask the heating monster to change it's diet from green papers to snow.

Monday walkers said...

Those pictures are so strange to my eyes, Millie.......
I can't quite work out how daily life continues -but as you say, YOU stay inside , so that is fine!

I hope your Mom's supply of green papers holds out for the winter.

Noela Sydney Australia

Just Ducky said...

Sorry you are getting more snow. We just get a tiny warm up. Then more cold next week.