Sunday, November 23, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Mom says this is a Very Big Deal. Why? Because she has never seen me nap with my back to the room. Usually I nap where I can simply open my eyes to see anybody coming.

Mom got Jackson Galaxy's new book "Catification" and he says that a cat is really comfortable with her territory when she does what I am doing.  Mom has been reading the book very closely and wants to set up a "cat superhighway" here.

I can't wait.


Pat said...

And just exactly what is a "cat superhighway", Millie? Are you going to be speeding through the house or are going to have lots of cats running through? This could be quite interesting.

6 cats from Singapore said...

Millie i think you're really like your new house!!!!

capu from Singapore

Honey P. Sunshine said...

millie, yor house iz so cool!

Summer at said...

I'm glad your human is getting some inspiration from the book!

Simba said...

That is very interesting, Millie. I sometimes sleep that way, but more often I face the room.

Megan said...

I'm going to have to do some research as I don't have any idea what a 'cat superhighway' might be. But, I'm pleased to think that you've settled in at your new home and are very comfortable and relaxed there. On the other hand, perhaps the possibility of being able to just open your eyes to see what's being broadcast on that magnificant wide-screen bird/sqwirl TV you've now got is more exciting than having to 'watch your back'.

Sydney, Australia


Derby, Ducky said...

We agree with Miss Megan. You can trust your mum, and keep an eye on the outside.

Monday walkers said...

What a lovely spot,Millie.

Enjoy your nap.

Noela Sydney Australia

Ellen in Oregon said...

Wow Millie, first you have walls of windows everywhere to watch critter TV & now your mom is talking about a super highway. Our mom watches Cats From Hell & likes what Jackson Galaxy has to teach people about our behavior. We just saw his show where people had 4 cats and there was one cat that was starting fights with all the other cats. Jackson said that if cats don't have enough resources (things/places to call their own, they can get anxious & start fighting for personal space. The cat's owners built a super highway so all the cats had a lot more room to move without bothering the other cats and everybody had plenty of places up, down & across near the ceiling to run around or have some personal time. The mean cat was nice again. Our mom says she saw a book with all kinds of designs for making your own kitty highway.
Your mom sure is doing a lot to make sure you that you are comfortable in your new home. You don't have to live with other cats like some of us, but having new places to hang out & run around is always a good thing. Maybe you feel comfortable sleeping with your back to your mom because you have learned to trust & you do seem to have lost a lot of your fomerly ferral behaviors & that is a good thing. You'll never forget your feral life before mom adopted you, but you have proven that love & a great forever home can do a lot to make you a much more trusting & relaxed cat.