Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When When Contest Wednesday!!!

We got twice as much snow as the weatherguys thought we would. We now have 10" (25 cm) above our average winter snowfall. What does that mean? It means we have had as much snow as Mom is tall.

It's pretty, no doubt, but everybody here in New Hampster says they are tired of it, and want it to go away.  Mom says it WILL go away, we just don't know WHEN.

The big question is.... "When will the snow MELT?" That's what I want to know.

When will it be ALL GONE?

Would you like to guess? I am having a contest. The cat, woofie or bun who guesses the date when there is NO MORE SNOW when Mom looks out this window will get a prize. The prize will be treats, and bragging rights! (Occasionally evil little chocolates have been known to appear in prize packages, but Mom is making no promises.)

Every morning Mom will get up and take a picture of this same view and post it on my blog. On the day she wakes up and THERE IS NO SNOW ANYWHERE IN THE PICTURE will be THE DAY. If you guess the EXACT day, you will get a prize. If NOBODY guesses the EXACT DAY, the cat who guessed the day CLOSEST TO the day, but not AFTER the day, will get the prize.

Here are the rules:
1. Each cat, woofie or bun gets ONE GUESS EACH. (Our friend Megan from Sydney Australia can enter even if she isn't a cat, but she's the only hooman who is eligible.)
2. Guesses must be in the comments of THIS POST.
3. Deadline is Midnight Friday February 21, 2014. (So when it isn't Friday anywhere in the world, the voting will be over.)
4. You have to have a blog, or leave some way for us to get in touch with you, so we have to know who you are. If you have a blog, you're good to go.
5. You can enter no matter where you live. Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada... all are welcome to enter.
6. It's my blog, so if I wanna change the rules, I can.

Now for some useful information.
1. The houses across the street face East. So the snow in their front yards will melt first. Duh.
2. Sun melts the snow.
3. Rain melts it faster.
4. The average high temperature for March in New Hampster is 44F
5. The average low temperature for March in New Hampster is 18F
6. Winter isn't over, either. We have had big snowstorms at the end of February, and in March. It snows in April, too. So, guess accordingly.
7. *****The contest ends when there is NO SNOW on the ground in the picture. If it snows the next day, oh well, that's New England weather for you!*****
8. When the contest is closed, Mom will post a big list of all the entries and dates in my sidebar, so everybody will know who guessed what date. It is your responsibility to check that your name is there, and that your guess is correct. It's usually a big list, and adding the names gets complicated, so if your name is missing, let me know right away.

So put on your thinking caps, leave a guesstimate, spread the news, tell your furriends, and check back every day to see if you are the winner!

Good luck! 


Dee W said...

Calypso W of Iowa says March 13. It's going to snow here again on Thursday, ICK!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I will guess April 19. Although there is more snow than usual, I bet there will be more early spring rain than usual too.

Megan said...

Millie - I feel really really honoured to be the only hooman allowed to enter the contest. Thank you very much for allowing me to play.

My guess is April 15.

Sydney, Australia

Poppy Q said...

We will be optimistic and guess April 8th.

Julie and Poppy Q

Frostin said...

I'm going to guess April 20th.

The Meezers or Billy said...

We are guessing April 12. We are so 'acited that there is a when when contest.

Although....... if it rains alot this week there like it's 'posed to here, and gets warm there like it's 'posed to here, the snow could be gone by next wednesday. hmmmmmmm, we will stick with April 12.

Susan R said...

WOWIE!! Being a Catafornia cat I can't imagine that much snow out my front window.

I will guess April 1st, and I really hope that it doesn't melt too fast...that would result in flooding. My Mom says thats not a good thing.


MrsB said...

Mr.HB White and Mr.OB Kitty say April 3rd.

Becky said...

Kikky sez April 14th. Yes, 2014 even.

Babby58 said...
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Babby58 said...

Caity and Millie (who are both tuxies like you!!) say April 13, 2014.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We say April 11th, 2014.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

KitKat said...

Mika, Sasha & Grady say April 16.

Derby, Ducky said...

We guess April 4, 2014. Derby and Ducky.

We are happy you let Megan play, we consider her an honorary cat.

Julie said...

Piper in Missouri thinks the snow will be gone April 17.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Our Guesses:

Ayla - April 7th
Marley - April 9th
Iza - April 10th

Tiki, Kirby, StanLee (and Kesey) said...

We guess April 5th

Sarah said...

Our guesses - from WNY where it's snowing again!

Midgie - 3/17
Squeaky - 4/17
Zorro - 4/20

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

The furry gang (Bogie, Noel, Gracie, Ron & Pat) say: March 21st!! (we have a new granddaughter--have been distracted by her precious face--and Sunday through Wednesday we visited and just sat and adored her--and fed her quite a bit, too!) Check out the latest picture on our blog!!

Vicki said...

Marlene and Claude raised their paws for April 18th! I guess I'll go along with them as well.

RedSetter said...

Magic and Red are going to go for 10th March, Love and hugs

Georgia and Julie said...

Our guess for the day the snow
is gone:
Georgia- April 7
Julie- April 1
Treasure- April 5
JJ- March 31
Naturally we would be delighted
to see it gone tomorrow :/

Purrs Georgia and Julie,
and Angels Tiger and Tillie