Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Two-fer

It is furry cold outside today. Mom says it won't get above freezing for about a week. 

This is what it looks like outside. Everything is frozen.


Susan R said...

The sky looks pretty but it sure does look cold! We (in Catafornia) are hoping for some rain. Of course I will be inside were my paws will stay dry.

Head butts to you Millie,


Angel and Kirby said...

We had another cold day or two here! Now it will go to the 70's for a couple and then dip back to freezing. Ugh! This is Texas spring.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...


Megan said...

I hope your nip 'nana does't freeze up on you Millie.

Sydney, Australia

Shaggy and Scout said...

We've got the same thing going here. Every night sub zero and today's high was 8 below. Enough!!!

Derby, Ducky said...

We are all frozen too.