Friday, December 06, 2013

Formerly Feral Friday

I don't mind posing for Mom when she takes pictures with her iFone. It doesn't flash bright lights into my eyes and it takes nice pictures too. 

I'm a lucky formerly feral feline. I have a great home and a spiffy kitty condo.  Mom says I'm overdue for a visit to the v-e-t. That wouldn't be a big deal if she could just pick me up anytime she wanted, but I'm not that kind of kitty. In that case, I'm still just plain feral.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Millie, none of us kitties get the time to be feral when there's a vet appointment - my human snatches us up without warning! I wish I knew how she manages to catch us off guard like that.

Megan said...

Millie - I think it would be wonderful if you'd keep your mom guessing by being entirely cooperative on this year's visit to the vet. I'm sure she'd spend hours trying to figure you out!

Sydney, Australia

Eileen said...

You sure has things figured out don't you Millie. Gotta keep the mom bean on her toes, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Derby, Ducky said...

Well, we like a bit of a cuddle now and then. So mum does pick us up.

Monday walkers said...

I think it would be nice if you were to cooperate about the visit to the v-e-t - you are so easy to get on with about most things.

Noela Sydney Australia