Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

I hacked up a hairball last night after dinner. I felt really crappy, and spent the evening curled up against Mom while she tippy tapped away.

Mom held up FOUR fingers last night.

And I'm sure you've all heard about this article.


VeeV said...

Hey Millie
hope you're feeling better today.
nope i hadn't heard of that article, look forward to reading the article.

so...what is mom tippy tapping about??? and 4 (fingers) what??

i must have missed something along the way.

Sparkle said...

Ugh! I am SO sick of humans trying to demonize cats! Why don't they complain about humans encroaching on the earth's ecosystems and call for THEM to reduce their numbers!?

Mr Puddy said...

How do you feel today, Miss Mille ?
I hope you are back to your ownself now : )
If not, Take my purrs, o.k. ? : )

About Article, I totally do agree with Miss Sparkle 100 %, some news like this, I guess it's just make an increase of the hate cat people ! and in some way, some people try to get rid of the cat like they used to kill many rabbits in Australia.

Megan said...

I'm sorry to hear that you weren't well yesterday Millie. I haven't been well myself, which is why I haven't been commenting recently. I hope you are feeling much better today.

Sydney, Australia

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope you are feeling better today~

Derby, Ducky said...

Hope your tummy is feeling better today now that the hairball is gone. Good on your mum for a four finger night.

::sigh:: Hey, if you are outside, you gotta find some food somewhere. It is all in the circle of life. Deal with it peoples.

conny warren said...

I'm waiting for the study that shows how many animals are killed by humans putting up office buildings, houses and shopping malls. The number killed in traffic has to overshadow anything cats have done,

Eileen said...

We hopes your tummy is feeling better today Millie...but any reason to cuddle with mom is a good one, MOL!

Pooey to those peoples and their data...kitties do what they has to!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku