Saturday, October 18, 2014


No, there are no pictures, but it's true. Mom opened the door to the porch last night, and I went outside to sniff around. 

I came back inside to have dinner, but Mom didn't know I went out again, and found a nice hidey place to nap a bit.

Mom thought I was inside, turned out the light, closed and locked the door.

I was out on the porch as it got dark and cool.

Mom didn't notice for a couple of hours, and then suddenly the door opened and Mom was calling me, waving a bag of treats.  I didn't make any noise until she started shoving the boxes around, and then, because I was cornered, I let out a yowl. That didn't stop Mom.

It didn't stop another of the neighbor woofies from barking at me. I had a woofie barking behind me, and Mom shoving boxes around in front of me. I do not like being cornered, and this was very uncomfortable. 

Mom moved stuff around so I would have an easy exit, and then she kept coming. She moved a chair and reached toward me, when I darted out of my hiding spot and back into the house.

Now, I was never in any REAL danger because the porch is fully screened in and there's no way I could get the porch door open, but still.  I got stuck out on the porch in the dark.

I think I'm gonna spend my weekend IN the house. Mom says we won't have porch days until next summer anyway.


Angel and Kirby said...

THat sounds like a scary adventure.

Megan said...

Oh Millie. I hope you weren't too scared. Fancy having a woofie barking at you - that's not good. Glad that you were back inside the house before it got too cold.

Sydney, Australia

Monday walkers said...

I was very pleased to hear that your story had a happy ending, Millie.

Noela Sydney Australia

Summer at said...

That porch does not sound all that fun - maybe next summer it will be better.

Ellen in Oregon said...

Oh Millie, it must have been scary to find yourself locked out on a dark porch. Good thing your mom noticed you were missing before she went to bed. Maybe hiding behind all those boxes wasn't such a good idea. I understand how being formerly feral you would feel trapped when mom tried to come towards you & with that woofie barking at you, it would have been easy for any of us to go into panic mode. It was smart of you to make a mad dash through the door & get inside.

The porch is still a great place to hang out, just not for hiding in. Once all those boxes are gone & mom can see you out but maybe wait for all the boxes to be gone so mom can see you out there.

Hannah and Lucy said...

How scary for you Millie but if you want to go in the porch it's best if you meow to your Mom first.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Derby, Ducky said...

Don't hide on your mum, mum's get worried when they can't find us.

Glad you are safe inside and warm.

Georgia and Julie said...

We bet you loved being out on the porch.
We do, but Mom does not let us stay out there alone either :/

Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Eileen said...

We bets your mom was just as worried as you Millie. An indoor weekend sounds like a great idea!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Denise from Sacramento said...

I love to hear about all your adventures. Bet you were scared when the dog barked.

edward (the world's best ever dog) said...

Oh Millie that sounds soooo scary . Who would have thought such an adventure was possible. Best keep close to Mum for now on.