Monday, January 14, 2013

Millie Monday

It is as blah out today as it was yesterday. It is supposed to be warmer today (almost 50F!) than over the weekend. It will be foggy and gray. Yech. As Mom was listening to the radio guys this morning one of them asked, "Would you rather have another day of gray foggy warm weather like we have had all weekend, or would you rather have it sunny and 30 degrees?"

Mom and I would rather have it sunny and 30 degrees.

In other news...

We are very happy that my pals, the guys named Pat won their game yesterday. I am sorry that Gronk hurt his arm again. I like watching him.

The Australian Open has started. You all know how much Mom likes tennis!

Mom and I continue to watch and love Downton Abbey.

Mom has taken a tiny break from tippy tapping. She says the house has reached critical mess and it needs cleaning up.

That's the news from my little corner of New Hampster today.


Prancer Pie said...

Our house has reached critical mess, too. We love crawling around investigating all our moving boxes, though. Have a happy and warm Monday, sweet Millie!

Angel and Kirby said...

We understand critical mess. Mom is making another folded table runner for the local shop because they have talked her into teaching a class on it.

Sparkle said...

I would not mind warm and foggy - if warm meant, oh, about 75 degrees warm! Other than that, I would take sun at 30 degrees, MOL!

Poppy Q said...

It is warmish here, but has rained steadily for three days in a row. We are wishing for sunshine too.

Julie and Poppy Q

Megan said...

I hope you and your mom enjoy the Australian Open, Millie.

Sydney, Australia

Derby, Ducky said...

We would like sunny and 70, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Critical mess, we thinks our house is always a critical mess!