Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Last Day

Oh bast! You should have seen the places we went yesterday! We had breakfast at the Paper Moon Cafe. What a wild place that was!

I'm using Mom's iPhone to post and it puts the pictures where it wants but look it these. (below) The colorful people greeted us as we drove up.

The green lady with the small plastic army guys for hair was waiting for us when we came through the door.

And I posed for Mom I'm front of the most amazing, um, ah, collection of weird stuff.

The food was good and then we were off to another weird place, the American Visionary Art Museum.

It was full of weird stuff too. But I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow.

We are leaving a day early, so we won't be going to the Hirshhorn Museum. Instead Mom and I are going home. She is eager for her own cooking, her own bed and less of the big city hustle and bustle.

Me, I'm eager to get out of this silly outfit.


Prancer Pie said...

That is sum strange stuff! We bet the Mom has tons of pics! Hope you haf a safe trip home. (there's no place like it!)

Megan said...

With all those coloured people hanging around, I'm betting that not too many people even noticed you Millie, even though you're gorgeous.

Sydney, Australia

Simba said...

What a busy trip it has been! After a wonderful vacation, there is no place like home.

Angel and Kirby said...

That was a strange place with lots of weird stuff!