Thursday, August 20, 2009

IBOL Project

I need to ask you all a favor, it's a biggie, and you can all help: A quilt blogger, Kristin, has a husband who's currently serving in Iraq and has got a little side project going.

It's called Iraqi Bundles of Love, and it we can all participate. He's coming home soon, and he wants to leave behind something of value. You can read about the idea here, at Kristin's blog:

So he's asking for fabric, yarns, pins, needles, thread, etc. You put all this neat stuff in a USPS Large Flat Rate Box and send it out. All the information is on his blogs. You have to leave a comment to get the shipping address, and you have to act fast. The deadline for shipping from the US is September 7.

If you live outside the US, you can participate too, leave a comment on the blog Iraqi Bundles of Love, and Mr IBOL will email you.

Here's the FAQ:

Here's information about what to send:

How to build a bundle:

Mom and I are getting a box ready. Care to join me? Let's show Mr IBOL what Cats and Dogs in the blogosphere can do!


cyclone Cats said...

That is such a neat idea, that that Man in Green is doing. WOW!

Maybe we can get our mom to put something together-she doesn't do any of that crafty stuff so she'd have to buy it. we'll try!

Thanks for sharing, Millie.

PS-we have the COLDS. 59* in Iowa in August!

The Cyclone Cats

Angel and Kirby said...

This is a good project. WE will try to help.

IBOL Guy said...

Millie, if your owners make boxes, feel free to sit in them a while, just to make sure they're done right. These things sometimes adult adult, er, um, I mean, feline supervision - you know, fabric & a box, which are both cat related things.

And Cyclone Cats, I am trying to put something together with a fabric store, for online ordering just like you mention. You;d be able to go to their site, plop down the plastic, and they're source the fabric and goodies (at or damn near cost), have volunteers and staff box it, and send it in the same flt rate boxes. Contact me if you just can't wait, but I'll post details and a link to the website just as soon as the deal is sealed!

Anonymous said...

We are in on this one!! Mumma has WAY too much stuff she will never use but is still "good stuff." Smokey and I will make sure the packages are done properly--and well sat upon.

Love and Hisses from Meepsie, Smokey and Mumma Jan

cyclone Cats said...

Thanks Millie! And Mr IBOL! We'll look forward to doing something...even if it means using mom's plastic card to do it.

Our own Man in Green was in Iraq for 12 months, so we are definite troop supporters!