Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally Friday

It's ugly out there today. March is Mom's least favorite month. She says the whole month is usually full of days like this, grey, damp and yukky. The good thing about a day like this is the snow is melting.


Anonymous said...

Yucko. Mom wnet to MA to attend her niece's baby show weekend before last. She says it was really nasty cold, snowy, icy and slushy. Yucko.

Angel said...

Mom says that March is worse that February some years! We had Smow one March when we had not had any all winter. Glad yours is melting!

David E. Francis said...


It is the same here in Michigan. I call the season between winter and spring mud season.


meemsnyc said...

Hopefully the sun will come out real soon!

C said...

The sun was out here today! But it is cold!!! No snow here.

Poppy Q said...

Can I tell you, that once the rain cleared, it was sunny and very warm here today. In fact it is 1.20 am and still warm.

We hope the sunbeams arrive with you soon.