Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It is sunny outside, but these two guys, with their sunny smiles, always warm my heart.
It's PlusOne and Mr Karate. Yesterday Mom had a very nice Valentine's Day with Mr Karate. They had a nice lunch (bacon-lettucte-tomato and avocado sandwiches with spicy mayo on toasted bread), and then did a little "retail therapy." (Mr Karate bought a waterproof jacket for bicycling, Mom picked up a couple of little things for these two guys, both of whom have birthdays coming up).

Then they went to see Slumdog Millionaire. What did Mom think about the movie? To answer that, Mom wants you to read this first sentence of Ty Burr's review of the movie from last November: I'll keep this simple: Cancel whatever you're doing tonight and go see "Slumdog Millionaire" instead.

Later, Mom went to the store and bought the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire, which she has been listening to all morning while sewing the binding on the Alphabet Sampler Quilt.


Angel said...

With sunny smiles lise that, who needs teh outside sun! is mom using her machine or sweing that binding on her 'fingers'

Poppy Q said...

What a great valentines day! My mum enjoyed slumdog millionaire too!


Fat Eric said...

I am glad your mum has had a nice Valentine's Day. My mum wants to see Slumdog Millionaire but hasn't managed to get to see it yet. Maybe this week, as she is on holiday from school.

Aoise said...

My miewmie leaves it so late to see films that she ends seeing them when they eventually get aired on TV. Last week they showed 'The devil wears Prada' and she enjoyed that. I slept through most of it.