Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sew Sew Saturday

Mom is -finally- back to making Gizzy Quilts. She finished this one last night and it is flying out to its owner today.
This is a gift quilt. One cat ordered it as a surprise for another cat. The recipient cat was allowed to select colors. But this lady cat (you can tell this quilt is going to a lady cat!) doesn't know who is giving the gift, and won't know until the quilt arrives next week.

Mom has made several of these. Sometimes the cat knows a quilt is coming, but most of the time, the cats have been completely surprised (right, Jan?) Sometimes, the Gizzy Quilts are given as gifts (like these for Rainbow & Muse from the Furry Bambinos).

Next, Mom will be working on more gift quilts, and one is for a -gasp- woofie!

Mom has been looking for quilt blogs. She learned that an unfinished quilt, like one that got started and then set aside, is called a UFO, for unfinished object. She also discovered that a finished quilt top is called a flimsy.

Some quilters have lots of flimsies and UFOs around. Mom has two. One is a baby quilt in wimpy pastel colors. Neither Mr Karate nor the Karate Lady like it. It's pretty, but not like the quilts Mom makes now. They think Mom should finish it and donate it to a worthy cause. The other flimsy is for a big bean bed, and it's in browns, Mom's least favorite color. She made it for somebody she liked, but then she stopped liking the person. Every time she looks at it, she thinks of that person, so it will probably be UFO forever.

Update: Mom has agreed to donate both UFOs to an organization that will finish the quilts and give them to underprivileged kidbeans.


Poppy Q said...

That one is beautiful Lynne. Maybe your unfinished ones you could donate to a cat shelter or raffle them off for funds.

You are super talented and I like to see that your creativity is growing.

Have a nice weekend and keep warm friends.

michico*Adan said...

This is extremely adorable colors~!!!!

Daisy said...

Oh, that's a very beautiful Gizzy! I think the pink ones are the best.

Angus said...

My mom really likes that Gizzy-she said it reminds her of a garden-personally, I like the one you made for's very comfy!

Angus' Mom to Millie's Mom-Lynne, it just dawned on me after reading someone else's post about their new Gizzy that I forgot to post on the Gizzy blog about Angus' Gizzy-I'm so sorry for the lapse in consciousness-how do I go about doing that?

Parker said...

I think that there is going to be one very happy lady cat in the near future!

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Momma finks maybe your Mom could finish the brown one and use if for an auction for kittehs in need or somefing like that. Our momma says she would bid. ;)

Jan said...

Right, Millie. Sometimes these quilts are a total surprise!

Looks like 2008 is gonna be another big Gizzy quilt year for your mom. We were surprised to find she has a ufo in her house, though.

Is the broken window still broken? It's too cold to have a draft, so we hope it is fixed.

Jan's Funny Farm

Millie said...

Angus, Mom will send your mom an email how.

Jan, Yes, but remember, it was a double-paned window, so no cold air is coming in.

topcatrules said...

Ahh, that is beautiful!

Skeeter And LC said...

We are thinkin that maybe flimsy's could be finished in some inexpensive solid color for the bottom and given to lonely shelter cats. Or even just all solid color ones. An why keep UFO's aroun either?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think that Unfinished Objects are great Unidentified Feline Opportunities! HE HE. Nice and cuddly. There are quite a lot of great quilt bloggers out there. Enjoy!