Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gizzy Quilt Special!

For a limited time only, from today December 16, through Saturday December 22, you can get a Gizzy Quilt for 10% off!

This is great for last-minute gifts, or if you just want to get a Gizzy Quilt for yourself, or for your brother or sister so you don't have to share. If you order it as a gift, Mom will send a special certificate to the recipient telling them they are getting a Gizzy Quilt.

The link is HERE...


Karen Jo said...

The Gizzy quilt special is great. I sent the 4th of July Gizzy quilt to Dodger, my brother and sister-in-law's cat, and it got there in time for my sister-in-law to see it. She really liked it and so does Dodger.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my sister-in-law. They really helped me.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

ohhh shoot i just did this i knew i should have waited to get the 10% off and the creifitc oh well i know the cats who get the grizzy will love it like mu shue and i love are

Lilly Lu

Tyler said...

Wow, I came over to thank you on behalf of Kali for her Christmas card. Mom wanted to upload pictures of our Gizzy being used, but we had some difficulties. Mom took a few pictures as soon as she had the camera back home, but she doesn't like how they turned out. While mom was busy uploading the pictures. Somecat decided to eat the ribbons off of a Christmas gift and ended up yacking ALL OVER OUR GIZZY! Mom thinks it was me, but I'm not saying a word. Who cares if I'm the only one who trys to eat ribbons? It could have been one of the kittens. So now the Gizzy needs to be laundered before we can take more pictures. And mom just ordered a new flashy box from Amazon, so maybe she should wait until that comes before we take the new pics.

Kali used the quilt during the milder weather. Now that it's cold, Kali wants to sleep in her warmer bed. Mom put it on the big bed on top of the down comforter. When one of us gets too hot in one of our Milly beds (no realations to you, Millie, right?) we cozy on over to our Gizzy.

So that's what I came over to say and then I saw that you're having a Gizzy quilt sale!!! I begged mom and she said I can finally order mine. Woo hoo!!! So I know I look gorgeous in a lot of colors.... so I need to think about what colors I want to ask for.

Thank you again for the card. We hope your holidays are cheery. Oh, and Millie don't eat any ribbons. They're just not as good as they look...but remember it wasn't me who told you that.
Love, Tyler

Jan said...

Hmmmm. We left you a message earlier but it has disappeared. Guess Blogger ate it.

We checked the weather for your area and it sure is cold and snowy. We hope you are warm and well.

Jan's Funny Farm

Tiger Lily said...

Yippee! I think Mom will finally order our Gizzy now!

Those cookies look good. Mom loves to bake but all her cookies turn into bars if she does them from scratch. Although why she would want to scratch them I don't know. Seems they would fall apart, don't you think?

Dragonheart said...

I just sent you an email, Millie. :) I want to get one for my little brother, and I'll do it now while you are offering 10% off!

Jan said...

Millie, When you get a chance, stop by JFF. We have something for you.

Jan's Funny Farm